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• 4/3/2018

New and current series?

New slender series that are currently updating as of 2018
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• 12/14/2017

Viewer's Discussion? Hopefully?

I'm only a viewer for a slenderverse series, but I would consider myself to be the only outspoken "puzzle solver" of the others. I dunno if anyone would be interested in it, but I'd love to get some more people into the series, and maybe drag in some more puzzle solvers as well. It would be nice to talk about what's going on with some other people, viewer to viewer, and to test some hypotheses. The series is J investigations, and I hope I'm able to convince a few people here. There's more going on than what it looks like, trust me.
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• 11/14/2017


I just joined the wiki and Im glad to be part of it all!
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• 8/21/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 6/6/2015

Made a crap ton of edits.

Hope you all like them.
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• 12/29/2013


It's nice to find a Slender Man wiki that doesn't suffer from the same terrible management that the more famous one does!
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