BusquedaCiro09 is a spanish speaking Slendervlog from Argentina. It follows the video documentation form Andy, while he is investigating the missing form his young brother Ciro, who disappear during a school camp near the woods. At first Andy started his channel in an attempt to make a viral video to find Ciro, but after a few updates he realize that his brother was more than disappear, and can be related with the man in the suit.

The videos are uploaded with English subtitles, since the creator knows the lack of spanish speakers in the slenderverse fandom



He is the main character and upload most of the videos. He starts uploading the videos searching info of his brother. At first he was skeptical about Slenderman, but after a brief encounter he starts to realize the situation.


Andy's young brother, he disappear during a school camp, the last time he was seen was entering into the woods near the campsite. He reappears after Andy starts the channel has a proxy, with no signs of control of his actions. He usually wears a white mask, that seems to be broken in one side.

"El Intruso"

(The Intruder) Is an unknown character, he/she upload some videos to the channel has an attempt to catch Andy's attention and, apparently, help Andy with his problems with Ciro and Slenderman. His or Her true intentions, as well as the person or entity behind it is unknown yet.


Apart form the Youtube channel, Andy has a blog where he transcribe his diary, most of the enters tell what Andy do between videos. Most of the story here does not have much relevance with the channel but it show a different perspective of how Andy deals with his situation.

This blog isn't translated yet.