CloverInChicago is a Slenderverse series created on 29 September 2011.


The series starts as a personal vlog by Clover Jameson, a fashion student living in Chicago, IL. She begins by talking about herself a little bit, and mentions that she had recently returned home, and while visiting her mother, she was freaked out by one of her mother's neighbors, just standing in the nearby forest. Shortly after, odd things begin to happen to her.

As the next few months go by, Clover reports feeling ill and having nightmares of the forest she grew up next to. She also receives a strange package in the mail containing a ball of yarn with a knitting pattern, a few operator symbols, and a note.

On a trip home to Salem, MA, where she lives with her boyfriend, she goes on a picnic with her friend, Alice. During the course of their trip through the forest,  a few strange things happen- a dog panics when it sees them, and the girls find a stone slab with bizarre painting on it. At the end of the trip, Clover drags Alice over to the forest around the house she grew up in, where they encounter something scary, which Clover later desribes as having "rushed" at them.

Clover returns to Chicago, where she continues to be harrassed by an unknown stalker- "MousE." She completes the knitting project only to find that someone has broken into her apartment, to leave markings on the finished scarf. There was also an SD card in the center of the ball of yarn. On another occasion she is interrupted while reading by several text messages,


Clover Jameson/Ann - Clover is an apparently normal college student, studying fashion business in Chicago, IL. She starts up a blog, and switches to vlogging to get her thoughts out more clearly. Around this time, odd things start happening to her. She begins to receive cryptic messages from someone, who she later suspects to be an acquaintence from Highschool, Clara VanderMeulen. In trying to locate Clara, she enlists the help of her friends Alice, Dave, and Giles. At the end of the series, she reveals that she, Alice, and Clara are all together, and are going to run. She posts her final goodbye with the help of an unknown 3rd party.

Alice Lancaster/Elizabeth - Alice comes into the story when Clover is on vacation back home in Salem, MA. The two of them take a hike through the forest, where they enjoy a Thanksgiving Picnic, and encounter something unknown in the woods. Alice is higly skeptical that what they saw is anything but a deer, but when Clover is abducted from a locked room, she begins to believe what Clover has been telling her. Around this time, strange things begin to happen to Alice as well. At the end of the series, she has gone on the run with Clover and Clara.

Clara Vandermeulen/Abigail - Clara enters the story as an unseen background character, who experienced the same disruption in her life that Clover and Alice are now dealing with. Motivated by her own faulty memories of past lives, she attempts to communicate with the other two girls in order to call up their memories of past lives as well. However, she only has brief moments of clarity, and as such is very hard to get any information out of, other than that the symbol she has been using is a type of "mirror." Exactly what this means eludes Clover. At the end of the series, she has the idea to "try something new," implying that the girls have been caught in a cycle, repeating a life story of being stalked by Slender Man since they were children, going back to as far as the Salem Witch Trials, hence their alternate names.

Dave - Dave is introduced as a friend to Clara when they were in Highschool. Clover shares with him what she has found out about Clara, and it frightens him. He later accompanies Clover to an abandoned building, where Clara has apparently been living since she ran away from home and school. Instead of finding her, the group encounters a strange man with darkened features, similar to a person that invaded Clover's apartment earlier on

Giles - Giles only appears briefly, in the same video in which Clover and Dave go looking for Clara. It is worth noting that another man by the name of Giles was involved in the Salem Witch Trials.

Clover's Father - Clover's father appears once, and tells her the story of how she vanished as a young child. This is something that Clover doesn't remember, and it is implied that she vanished (as well as both Clara and Alice, and 9 other children who were never found) directly as a result of Slender Man's influence in her life.