DarkHarvest00 is one of the main six vlogs in the Slenderverse.

Because he first believed strange occurances in his house envolved spirits and ghosts, Chris, a young student from New Jersey, starts to film himself and what happens around him, expecting to record something supernatural. 

After he talks to his friend Alex about whether he believes in things such as ghosts, they realize they were not dealing with supernatural beings but an intruder who leaves him a message saying he's soon to meet death.


Alex and Chris on the "Update #3 [3:04 PM 3/24/2011]" video.

The boys then investigate a bit and find newspapers detailing the disappearance, in 2001, of a man called Marc McComber who lived in Chris' house. Around the time this happens, their friend Greg, who had been acting weird, disappears. He's later found dead in his basement by Chris, who passes out for seeing Slender Man when attempting to get help. A detective who presented himself as Detective Amsel tells Chris and Alex he believed Greg was murdered by a serial killer known as The Tall Man.

Attempting to uncover what really happened to Greg, Chris, Alex and another friend of theirs, Jesse, search around Greg's house and end up finding a black book detailing stuff about a cult which they later find out to the The Order. There begins their hunt for answers and numerous problems.



Chris is one of the main characters in Dark Harvest. He's the one who holds the camera in most entries and is the one who first posts on the channel, which he started because he wanted to record all the strange things that had been happening around his house for a few weeks.

After their friend Greg's death, Chris, along with his other friend Alex, start a hunting for answers on what is really happening. As they get closer to the truth, they start being threatened by a cult called The Order. They now live in great danger, but didn't give up on finding out what is really happening.


Alex is, along with Chris, one of the main characters in Dark Harvest. He first appeared on the Log Entry #2 [11/28/2010 2:15 PM] video and appears in most of the entries.

Alex first appears when his friend, Chris, asks him if he believed in things like ghosts and spirits but, after the two witness signs that suggest the involvement of an intruder (not a ghost), Alex stays in Chris' house for a while. 

As they look for answers around Greg's house, they find a black book detailing stuff about a cult which they later find out to be The Order which starts to threaten the boys after they get dangerously close to the truth.


Jesse Laurenzi was not only a friend of Chris, Alex and Greg, but also a member of The Order.

After Greg started to experience strange occurances because he lived near one of the places where the Order made their meetings, Jesse convinced his friend to join the cult, but he soon expressed the desire to leave. Jesse told him that leaving The Order would result in death, but Greg didn't change his mind and, after he died, Jesse took his copy of The Order's book and hid it.

After Chris and Alex find out Jesse was a member of The Order, they reach Noah Maxwell and the three of them try to contact Jesse, who leads them intro a trap set by the cult. They manage to escape it and capture Jesse to ask him some questions, but they are forced to free him before they could finish.

After several months of being missing, Jesse's found out to have been executed by The Order.


Gregory Benson was a friend of Chris, Alex and Jesse. His first appearance was on the Log #12 video.

Even before videos started to be posted on the Dark Harvest channel, Greg was being followed by someone who wore a mask. Following Chris and Alex's adivce, he starts to film himself after some traumatic events. He's also convinced by Jesse to join The Order because Jesse believed he was one of the "chosen ones", but after Greg told him he wanted to leave the cult, Jesse told that would result in death. 

In March 15th, 2011, Greg is found dead in his house by Chris and Detective Amsel says he believes Greg was killed by a serial killer named "The Tall Man". Autopsies revealed that Greg was missing vital organs.


Jeff Benson is Greg Benson's older brother.


Daniel Shipman runs a blog called Project Egypt about his researches on various stuff, including an archaeologist named Heinrich Kaufmann II. After learning Chris and Alex were dealing with a cult related to this man, he decided to help them. He also helped Noah Maxwell with informations about his aunt (Tribe Twelve).


Gorr'Rylaehotep is the name given to Slender Man by the members of The Order, who believes the faceless man is some kind of God.

Kind von der Ritter

Kind von der Ritter ("Son of the Knight" in German) is a figure often associated with The Order. His relation to The Order is still unknown, but he's believed to be whether a former or current member, as he was able to apparently not only to attend but film some meetings, but he refers to Gorr'Rylaehotep as a monster. He has a YouTube channel as his only form of communication until the present moment and says he wishes for the boys (Chris and Alex) to trust him.

Though he says he is human (or was, at least once), he has the ability to alter how the time flows for him and those around him, not mentioning he once stated he was able to "see the future" and "hear the past". He also causes distortion and claims to exist in a different world, a world separate from humans. Daniel Shipman believes he is, in fact, Marc McComber.

Heather McComber

Heather McComber is a former member of The Order and Marc McComber's granddaughter. She first met Chris when he asked about an old chest he saw at her yard sale. The chest had the iconic symbol of The Order on it, so he tried to buy it but she said it was a family heirloom. Chris then pretended to be a history major doing a project on cultural artifacts and asked if he could interview her about the chest.

After she reveals being a member of The Order, she asks for Chris and Alex's help, but they deny it. After the boys' parents' death, they confront her, believing she had something to do with it, but while she denies it, a member of The Order attempts to kill her. They ran away to the house of one of Chris' friends.

Marc McComber

Marc McComber is Heather McComber's grandfather. Before he disappeared sometime in 2001, while living in what now is Chris' house, he was a member of The Order whose title was "The Oracle". According to some of The Order's documents, he has a scar on his right leg and brown eyes.

Daniel Shipman believes he's Kind von der Ritter.

Heather's Father

Heather McComber's father and Marc McComber's son, he's believed to be called "J. McComber".

After his father, Marc McComber, tried to convince him to leave The Order, he refused and placed Marc into a mental institution, also beginning to have constant arguments with Heather's mom, his wife, about The Order. He ended up leaving her and his daughter.

Whether he's alive or dead and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Lawrence Rainwood

Lawrence Rainwood was, in 1985, The Order's Chief Overseer. Though he was never married, he had a son named Jacob, also a member of The Order, who took his father's position as Chief Overseer.

Lawrence founded the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center during the 1950s.

Jacob Rainwood

Jacob Rainwood is Lawrence Rainwood's son who, according to some of The Order's documents, has a lazy eye. He is one of The Order's Chief Overseers, taking his father position (presumably after his death), but passed his New Jersey Chapter Overseer position to another member.

There are no public records of Jacob Rainwood's presence in the United States, but it's known he's somewhere in the country or being impersonated by someone.

Hans Freuhaf

Hans Freuhaf was a Nazi scientist who had an interest in mysticism and legends. It's known that, other than being in charge of the Princeton Experiment, he's believed to have been in a Gorr'Rylaehotep-related cult, which wasn't related to The Order.

Matt Sharky

Matt Sharky is friends with Chris and Alex. He worked at the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School until late 2012, when it was shut down. He worked with the Rainwood family for years, but apparently never knew about The Order or their connection to it. He refers to Jacob Rainwood as a good person and Matt had his rent paid by Jacob even after no longer being his employee.

Heinrich Kaufmann II

Heinrich Kaufmann II was a German archaelogist who's known by The Order as "the Discoverer". His career reached its peak in the early 1900s and is, along with his life, one of Daniel Shipman's objects of study.

All the information about him was removed from textbooks from reasons still unknown and the only biography written on him stopped being published on the 1970s.

Henka Visæ

Henka Visæ was once a member of The Order. He was the one who recruited Mary Asher to one of the chapters of the cult, most precisely the Southern Chapter. According to some of The Order's documents, he's no longer a member of the organization.

Henka Visæ was speculated to be Deadhead. Henka Visæ has been confirmed as Deadhead in Milo's Journal entry "boat".

Detective Amsel

Detective Amsel comes from a family known to have strong ties with the Rainwood Family. He's believed to be a member of The Order. After Greg's death, he told Chris and Alex, while supposedly investigatin the case, he believed their friend had being murdered by a serial killer known as "The Tall Man". The two of them first believed Detective Amsel, but after Daniel Shipman discovered his family's connection with the cult, they no longer believed he was credible.


Sam is a conspiracy theory specialist who made the first connection between Chris and Alex and Noah Maxwell, from Tribe Twelve, also providing Noah with papers that contained information about Noah's aunt, Mary Asher's membership to The Order.

The Order

The Order is a cult that worships the Slender Man, who they call Gorr'Rylaehotep. They are always wearing masks and dark-colored, most often black, robes. They believe Gorr'Rylaehotep lives somewhere called the "4th World" where they'd be granted immortality. They often realize meetings and reunions and it's known that once you enter the organization, it's practically impossible to get out.

It was once told by Heather McComber that more members joined the cult after Chris and Alex posted videos on their YouTube channel.

Project Egypt

Project Egypt is a blog run by Daniel Shipman. It was initially about Daniel's studies regarding a German archaeologist named Heinrich Kaufmann II, whose career reached it's peak in the early 1900s and whose biographic information was almost fully removed from textbooks for reasons unknown.

After Daniel first encountered Chris and Alex and learned about their problems, the blog's also about this situation and his part in it.


Aside from the YouTube channel, Chris and Alex keep a Twitter account where they often post links to the videos and a few informations that aren't on the videos. Daniel Shipman also has a Twitter account in which he posts stuff related to his blog, Project Egypt, and related to Chris' and Alex's problem.

Important Locations

This section may contain spoilers. Read it at your own risk.

Atlantic Test Site

Currently a state park in which The Order often meets, the Atlantic Test Site was once used by NASA to monitor Sputnik during the Cold War. In-game, it's where the Princeton Experiment took place.

Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center

The Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center was founded in the late 50s by Lawrence Rainwood to be a place where children could stay during summer. It operated until 1958, when the event known as "Rainwood Incident" happened. 

Months after this incident, the place caught on fire and suffered many structural damages in which many documents regarding information about the building, the staff and personal informations about the lost children where lost. Short after being scheduled to be brought down, the place was bought by an anonymous buyer who put it back to use from 1965 to 1998, when it closed for reasons yet unknown.

During the last weeks of 2011, the building was scheduled to be torn down, so Matt Sharky, one of Chris' friends to happened to work at the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School, was sent to the Day Camp to try to recover anything he could, but wasn't able to get into one of the locked rooms, which he believed was the boiler room. Later, Chris, Alex and Daniel were able to open the room using a key sent by Kind von der Ritter and, there, found a locked chest that opened with the "0304" combination (it means "the 3rd world to the 4th world) in which there was a sheet of paper with a code regarding to conspirators from The Order that were considered to have betrayed Lawrence Raiwood.

It's now one of the many places where the New Jersey Chapter of The Order meets.

Rainwood Incident

Under construction.

Rainwood Memorial Elementary School

Bradt-Crater Cemetery