EverymanHYBRID is one of the main six vlogs in the Slenderverse.

Three friends from New Jersey - Vincent, Jeffrey and Evan - started the channel as fitness vlog. The purpose of EverymanHYBRID was teaching people how to get fit without having to spend too much money.

As a prank (and an attempt to get more viewers), the boys placed a fake Slenderman on the back of a few videos. But after what they believed to be someone dressed as Slenderman entered Evan's house, they stopped and admitted theirs was fake, also making a video telling to whoever was doing that to stop.

As they attempt to keep teaching fitness-related stuff, strange events start to occur more frequently and the channel becomes a documentary about their situation.


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The EMH crew on the "Our Two Part Special on Sleeping & Dreams: Preview" video. Jeff, Vinny and Evan.


Also called Vince, Vinny or Vin, he was the host of EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series.

Vincent is a liberal arts major and, though he first introduces himself as Vinny Everyman, he later admits it is not his real last name. He's known as the most friendly, extroverted and optimistic member of the crew. He's also not easily shaken by the strange happenings around him and often unwilling to give up once he makes a decision.

Even after the series stopped being about fitness tips and turned to be a documentary about their situation struggling with supernatural beings and occurances, Vinny has remained the most calm one not only of the crew, but from the whole situation (including their friends and families). He's the last one to admit that the events surrounding them are, indeed, supernatural.

Vince is determined to keep the camera on no matter what, often being criticized by Jeff and Evan for it.

Fairmount Vincent

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Vincent as a "young visual artist" and a kid who loved games and puzzles. 

Before going to the Fairmount Children's Home he had been abused by Reverend Green, who, according to the report, treated Fairmount Vincent in a sexually predatorial way. When the Reverend was found dead, Fairmount Vincent was in the room next door, calm and happy. As his father tried to take him from that place, the boy mentioned a "Man" who was very greedy and might not like that and that the Reverend didn't know that this "Man" didn't share.

Fairmount Vincent shows signs of having a relationship with HABIT, talking about someone named "Captain Habit" on occasion. It is unclear wheter he talks about Fairmount Evan (who only answered to the name Habit) or the entity.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called the Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Vincent and Fairmount Vincent have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Jeffrey, also known as Jeff, was the cameraman for EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series.

Jeff is a political science and economics major and he works at a hospital. He has a brother named Alex whose guardianship was granted after their parents died in early 2010. Jeff became more apathetic throughout the series, due to the supernatural occurances.

Jeff had a girlfriend named Jessalyn, who disappeared some time during the series, and he travelled to look for her and to "investigate some things." After several weeks of Jessa being missing, he started to blame her friend Stephanie for it and, after a discussion on Twitter, Jeff called the police convincing them to question Steph about Jessalyn. At the same time, because he was sad about Jessa's disappearance, he didn't notice his brother was being attacked by the Rake. After Evan confronted them about this and the three of them took action, Jeff started to be more optimistic and felt guilty about what he did to Steph. Jeff then helped Evan and Vincent break her out from the mental hospital to which she was sent.

After that, the four of them became very close and Jeff said that when they were together it felt like "a family".

Jeff is strongly against the constant filming and only does it when Vincent asks him to.

Fairmount Jeffrey

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Jeffrey as a writer, saying that he had written a few stories. 

Fairmount Jeffrey was sent to the Fairmount Children's Home after he had witnessed his father murdering his sister and killing himself. When Fairmount Jeffrey asked why his father killed Ellie, his sister, his father said that "the Man made him do it". Fairmount Jeffrey's mother was killed in the kitchen, out of his sight.

According to Dr. Corenthal, Fairmount Jeffrey and Fairmount Vincent were close and had their relationship built around jokes.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called the Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Jeffrey and Fairmount Jeffrey have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Evan was, at first, the nutritional expert of EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series. 

Being born on November of 1990 (presumably November 22nd, according to the A Day With Green Feathers video), Evan is the oldest member of the crew. He's a fan of hard rock and heavy metal bands and has a sister who has been mentioned but never appeared on camera. The crew jokes a lot about his inability to use modern technology.

Known for his love for large knives, Evan often shows traits of mental instability and paranoia, also having an erratic temper. Throughout the series, mainly the first videos, Evan's shown not really paying attention to what's happening around him and he always seems to have his mind somewhere else.

It is clear, later in the series, that Evan is the most unstable member of the cast and the most vulnerable to both Slenderman and HABIT. He was also the first one to acknowledge that they were facing problems of supernatural nature, being also the only one who tried to reach Slender Man and attack him, having ended really injured and bloodied.

Later in the series, Evan's often possessed by an entity which calls itself "HABIT".

Fairmount Evan

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Evan as a distant and moody child, which only responded to the name "Habit" that, according to him, was how his dead mother used to call him.

Known for being very violent, Fairmount Evan murdered a young nurse and killed numerous rabbits that were kept at Fairmount Children's Home. After these and other several incidents, he was forbidden to use writing implementes such as pencils and pens, but had a Polaroid camera with which he managed to keep a diary.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called the Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Evan and Fairmount Evan have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Stephanie, also known as Damsel, was first introduced through her blog (CANYOUSEETHEWORDS) and it's not clear how she was first connected to the EMH cast, but she met them in person through Jessalyn. She was dubbed “Damsell by her followers because she wouldn't reveal her name and didn't even sign her blog posts. Jeff was the one who revealed her real name on Twitter.

At first, not much was known about her, but she told the blog followers that she attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts and having recently moved to Princeton. She's a loner who paints and draws. She has talked about horrific things that happened to her in the past and about her parents being killed in a house fire.

After she was arrested, a "letter" was posted to her blog (she had programmed it to be posted automatically) and it said that she had lied at first about her parents' death. She told the followers that after the investigation of her family's deaths, she was medicated but decided to avoid taking the pills. She also talked about having a bad relationship with the police and it is theorized that she was a suspect.

After her friend and Jeff's girlfriend, Jessalyn, disappeared, Jeff called the police on her and she was taken to a mental institution. He then felt guilty and the EMH crew went to rescue her and she started living with Evan with whom she started a relationship and, later, had a baby girl.

Fairmount Stephanie

In Dr. Corenthal's papers there was a name frequently redacted which was later discovered to be Fairmount Stephanie's name. 

Dr. Corenthal first described Fairmount Stephanie as a "visual artist". Not much is known about Fairmount Stephanie, except that she came from the same place as the other kids from the Mining Town Four and was called "Stephie" by them.

She, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called the Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Stephanie and Fairmount Stephanie have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Alex is Jeff's young brother. He has a YouTube channel,  WickedStickyAlex, which gives the fans a third-person perspective on what's happening with the EMH crew. On his channel he also posted videos talking about his brother and videos of his dog, Sparky, doing strange things. He was later found out to be the Rake's target.

Ever since his parents died, Alex sometimes talks like they are still alive and has recordings of their parents' voices (that he first recorded to use when creating music) which he uses to pretend they're still alive, as a self-comfort mechanism.

After the Rake attacks Alex and he posts a video about it on YouTube, Evan confronts him and Jeff about the situation and they look inside the room, but they don't find anything. When they close the closet door, something bangs on it from the inside and they decide the lock the room just in case. Sometime later, they go to the room to check the crawlspace in the closet where the Rake was and there's a wall in there, like that space never existed. Alex gets the room back.

Sparky is killed by the Rake and Alex starts to use a sock on his hand, pretending it's Sparky (like he does with his parents' recordings), but later says he knows it's not his dog (whether he really believes that or not is unclear).

In their way to Jessie's funeral, Vinnie and Alex are talking and Alex tells him that he's been having strange dreams for the past few weeks in which the Rake tells him things such as descriptions of Jessie's death and prophecies. Alex also says the Rake told him something about the crew, but before he reveals it, everything on the video turns black and Alex disappears. 


Jessie is friends with Jessa and the EverymanHYBRID crew. She's also Evan's ex-girlfriend (as seen on A Day With Green Feathers). Her first appearance on camera was on the Cops Checked, No Body video, but she had been mentioned before on the July 24th, 2010 Ustream.

When she first heard the crew talking about Dr. James Corenthal, she told them she was his niece (it is unsure whether Corenthal was her mother's half-brother or one of her grandparents' siblings, because both informations were given). She provided the crew with some family stuff with information about Dr. Corenthal and visited his storage with the boys.

She was attacked and killed by the Rake (as seen on Jim Thorpe and Jessie).


Jessa is Jeff's girlfriend and Damsel's best and only friend. 

Not much is known about Jessa and her personality.

She disappeared sometime around the first two weeks of August, 2010 and, despite Jeff's efforts, she was never found and is speculated to be dead (HABIT mentions that she was “eaten by a monster”).


Daniel is a friend of the EMH crew and first appeared on the Healthy Eating video, in which it was revealed that he was the one disguised as Slenderman on the first few videos. 

He appeared mostly when there were big get togethers around holidays such as 4th of July and Christmas. He was killed by Evan while he was inHABITed on the Nextvideo.


Ryan is a friend of the EMH crew who only appeared once, in A Day In The Life.

On the A Day With Green Feathers video, the crew mentions that Ryan was supposed to be there, but didn't appear. At the end of the video he calls Vince and they find out Ryan had been in a car accident, and while on the phone, Vinny heard "the noises" (referring to the sounds the Rake makes).

It's later revealed that Ryan died in the accident and, though the police said it was a "normal" car accident, the boys say the body was mutilated beyond what would be normal in a car accident.


Nick is a friend of the EMH crew who was first mentioned in Healthy Eating but first appeared on camera on the OUTSIDE HELP video. In the earlier videos, the boys believed Nick was the one pranking them, dressed as Slenderman, but he denied it.

An entry posted by HABIT on the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS blog written by someone named Nicholas was speculated to be written by Nick, but there's no confirmation on it, though Nick's appearence on the OUTSIDE HELP video gives this theory strength.

Nick is killed by Evan while inHABITed.

Dr. Corenthal

Dr. James Corenthal was a psychiatrist specializing in childhood traumas. He worked at the Fairmount Children's home in the early 1970's, where he met the Mining Town Four (the Fairmount versions of the EMH crew). He got very close to these four and, eventually, he and his wife Maryann adopted them and took care of them. In a letter from 1981 he says the last one of the Mining Town Four had "succumbed", also revealing that he was taking Linnie, his recently accepted patient, east on an attempt to save her from what happened to his sons and daughter. It's known that he and his wife Maryann were separated at this point, but reunited again after a few years.

During the 90's he attempted to help many kids that showed the same or similar problems to the one his kids went through, one of them being Noah Maxwell's cousin, Milo Asher (from Tribe Twelve).

He's first mentioned in I'm Okay but not appeared on camera until the The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back) video. He's related to Jessie, but it is uncertain whether he's her mother's half-brother or related to one of her grandparents.

After Jeff visited Dr. Corenthal's wife, Maryann, she first talks about her husband on present tense, but suddenly changes to past tense after saying he's dead. It is uncertain whether the Doctor is alive or dead and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Maryann Corenthal

Maryann Corenthal was Doctor James Corenthal's wife and the Mining Town Four's foster mother. She first appeared in . -, one of the hidden videos, where Jeff asks her about her husband, James Corenthal. At first, she talks about him in present tense, but suddenly changes to past tense after telling the Jeff the Doctor was dead. 

When Doctor Corenthal decided to take Linnie east, the couple had to be separated but reunited again after a few years. 

She's believed to be living in New Jersey after she left the facility in which she first encountered Jeff, but it is uncertain where.


Linnie was never on camera but was first mentioned on Reunion, because her name was written on a note Jeff found at his old school. Her name was also the letter found on the Dead Girl's hand.

It is later revealed on a letter wrote by Dr. Corenthal that Linnie was his patient shortly after he and his wife had adopted the Mining Town Four, but her personal demons were “much more feral.” After the Mining Town Four, "succumed," he takes Linnie east attempting to save her and some informations indicate that they were successful.

It is uncertain whether the person who wrote those letters and this Linnie are the same person.

It should be noted that "Linnie" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with William and Rose. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.

Whether she's alive or dead and her current whereabouts are informations unknown.

Dead Girl

The body of a girl is discovered by Jeff and Vinny on the Cops Checked, No Body video. Her face was covered by her hood and her identity is unknown. She had multiple wounds first speculated to have been either self-inflicted or inflicted by the Rake. After Alex tells the crew her wounds were very similar to his after he was attacked by the Rake, she's its confirmed victim.

She was holding a letter written by Linnie and addressed to someone yet unknown. Many speculate that the girl is Linnie herself.


Rose is Jessie's grandmother and William's wife. Though she had never appeared on camera, she was mentioned on Rose, in which Vinny tells the fans that she was murdered (presumably by the Rake).

It should be noted that "Rose" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with Linnie and William. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.


William is Rose's husband and Jessie's grandfather. He's speculated to be the one to whom the letter on the Dead Girl's hand was addressed, but there are no informations to confirm this theory.

It should be noted that "William" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with Linnie and Rose. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.


HABIT is an entity whose nature is still unsure. He's speculated to be a demon, an angel, a ghost or a possessing force. Most of the information about his nature leads fans to believe that he's, indeed, a possessing force. He can control and possess various people, such as Evan and Nick, completely whenever he wants and has been doing it for months.

HABIT himself claims being directly reponsible and/or involved in numerous violent events around the world and often implies that he possessed many of the world's most notorious and cruel serial killers and infamous villains throughout the history (such as Albert Fish and Josef Mengele). 

It was revealed that he can possess more than one person at the same time and he makes his vessel very powerful when inHABITing it. It was also revealed that he works with Slenderman sometimes but it's clear that he does only what can be beneficial for himself.

The Rake

Referred as the "Feral Other," the Rake is a Creepypasta creature first seen on the Something Awful Forums. In the ARG, it's presence is accompanied by heavy breathing, whispering noises and growls. It has very sharp claws and it's very strong.

It is known to be responsible for Jessie's, Sparky's and Ryan's death and speculated to be also involved with Alex and Jeff's parents' death and Jessie's grandmother Rose's death. 

Hidden Videos

The hidden videos are a series of broken clips - most of the times footage from the EMH cast and their friends and families - showing what appears to be behind the scenes occurances and, sometimes, also things that haven't happened yet.

Despite their efforts, the crew hasn't been able to watch any of the hidden videos and only some are known to have been posted by HABIT, while others are still subject of discussion.

Important Locations

Fairmount Children's Home

Fairmount Children's Home was an orphanage built in 1876 with the purpose of providing a home for indigent children under the age of 16. There they would be physically, metally and morally "trained" until they were provided permanent homes. 

Dr. James Corenthal worked there for a few years. There he met the Mining Town Four (the Fairmount versions of the EMH cast). The Home, though, was closed in the mid 70's and burned down on 2002.


Centralia is an almost-ghost-town in Columbia Country, Pennsylvania. There are very few people living there currently, being the least-populated minicipality in the state. The city was almost completely evacuated after a mine fire.

In EMH, Centralia is known as the Mining Town or Land of Ashen Waste and the Fairmount versions of the EMH cast came from Centralia, all for different reasons. 

During the time of the series, the crew eventually returns there for clues after receiving coordinates.

Baldpate Mountain

Baldpate was the location of at least four videos and it appears to be somehow "connected" to the time and space travelling throughout the series, since the crew has been "led there" a few times and it's a place that appears several times on the Hidden Videos.

Lambertville Highschool

Lambertville High Shcool is theorized to be the place where the Cops Checked, No Body video was shot. It was closed in 1959 and destroyed by a fire in 1992. 

In EMH, because of the fire, the crew once believed Lambertville had something to do with the so-called Land of Ashen Waste (Centralia, PA), but abandoned this theory rapidly.


EMH is known for it's large interaction not only with fans, but also with other series. 


5zer02 was a series that made various crossovers with the TJA Projects series and, in one of these crossovers , on the TJA Projects YouTube channel , one of the characters, Xakk, mentions names from various people who are also dealing with Slenderman, EMH crew and TribeTwelve's Noah Maxwell included. 


Dr. Cairo from the CompileTruth series made once a review video on EverymanHYBRID, where he compiles some footage from the original channel and comments about occurances. He also interviews Evan about his whole situation when he travels to New Jersey.


On the first EMH-TT crossover video, there was also a crossover with DarkHarvest00, though not much happens. Chris, Alex and Jesse from the Dark Harvest series appears on the Noah video.


SeekingTruth was a Slenderblog created by Zeke Strahm, who made a few crossovers with EverymanHYBRID during it's storyline. Zeke Strahm said on his blog that he's had contact with Jeff a few times and Steph once mentioned on hers that she didn't trust any policeman not named Strahm. 

Also, even though SeekingTruth was a blog, Zeke Strahm made a reference to EMH character Stephanie/Damsel on a video named Left Behind.m4v, warning the EMH boys about something related to her.

TJA Projects

TJA Projects was a Slendervlog created by two friends named TJ and Amy. Evan appeared once in their video, Our Trip To Jersey , when the girls ask him for directions.


It's know that TribeTwelve and EverymanHYBRID have made numerous crossovers over their timelines, the first of them being the Noah video, in which they show Noah's first trip to New Jersey to meet the EMH crew and talk to them about their situation and how they could help each other. It should be noted that the Dark Harvest guys - Chris, Alex and Jesse - also appear in this video.

HABIT, in Evan's body, appears on the DEUS EX MACHINA video from Tribe Twelve, as Firebrand mentions a "loathsome entity".

HABIT brings Noah to his house in Severance and, later, meets him again in Bridge To Nowhere, as the two videos are split parts of the same day. It should be noted Jeff also appears in this video, talking to Noah, hinting that they're possibly in an alternate universe.

  • It should be noted that this list only contains links and informations about the video crossovers, as TribeTwelve and EverymanHYBRID have connections established outside of their YouTube accounts.