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About: A small time gaming YouTuber gets a letter after he's out with his friends, shortly after multiple entity's begin to stalk him...


  1. Justin D; the main protagonist. After a night out with friends he returned home to a strange letter of unknown origins. Shortly after Hell followed the letter, With two entitys called P A W N and Seeker or as he referees to them as "the freak brothers".
  2. Jeremy; Justin's friend that he accidently dragged in to "The Game" after staying at his house for one night. Not much is known about what happened to him after Justin left his house.
  3. P A W N; one of the two main physical antagonists. Not much is know about this entity other then he wears a white mask with black markings, black turtle neck jacket, black gloves and his symbol is an eye with a clock in the middle. He referees to someone as "He" in the video "We Come", so he might work for either Seeker or another entity.
  4. Seeker; The second main antagonist. one of the four least known characters, the only thing we know about them is their symbol is an eye with the operator symbol in the middle.
  5. Neuen Geist; The profile that P A W N and Seeker use to toy with Justin.
  6. The Void; another of the least know characters
  7. The Smiling Man; another of the least known characters
  8. The clawed Beast; another of the least known characters

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