Here is a comprehensive list of characters within the Slenderverse. As Slenderman's influence widens and more Slender-Sightings occur, this list will be updated. Please help by contributing known characters affected by Slenderman.

Marble Hornets

Jay Merrick

Jay Merrick is the main character of Marble Hornets. He begins the series by posting an introduction video, in which he informs the viewer that he had recently found a bunch of old tapes from his friend Alex Kralie's abandoned Film, Marble Hornets. He notes that during the filming of Marble Hornets, Alex began to act oddly, and that the tapes have a lot of odd moments on them. As he posts clips from the tapes to Youtube, he starts to realize that the story they tell is a much darker story than simply personality changes brought on by stress, and he begins to succumb to the effects himself, going to great lengths to understand what is going on around him.

Alex Kralie

Alex Kralie is the original film student who wrote and directed the film "Marble Hornets." During the course of filming, he began to suffer from stress, paranoia, and other adverse effects as a result of being stalked by the Operator. After abandoning the project, he intended to burn all the tapes, but was persuaded by Jay to hand them over to him. At this point, he went off the radar for some time until his girlfriend found an old camera, and by filming, apparently summoned the Operator back into their lives. Alex contacted Jay after this, asking him for help. During the course of their working together, Alex grew increasingly untrustworthy, to the point of cornering Jay and Jessica in an abandoned building and threatening them with a gun. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Tim Wright

Tim Wright was, at first, one of the actors from Alex's movie project, Marble Hornets. In the movie, he played Brian's good friend, which he actually was in real life. By extension, he was good friends with Sarah too.

He's first mentioned in Entry 5 and, throughout the series, Tim shows inumerous signs of having serious health problems, such as coughing a lot and having frequent headaches (signs known in the verse as being due to "exposure" to Slenderman).

Jay first contacted him to talk about trying to finish Alex Kralie's movie, but then Tim got much more involved into Jay's problems than expected and it was revealed that Tim had problems involving The Operator as well. He seemed, at first, not much relevant to the plot, but is know a very important character on the series.

Masked Man/Masky

The Masked Man, dubbed "Masky" by the fandom, is a recurring character who's always seen wearing a mask. It's not clear wether Masky wants to help or hurt Jay, or even if he's just trying to use him. 

It's speculated that the Masked Man is, in fact, totheark because there were a few sights of him on a few videos in totheark's channel.

Later in the series, it's clear that the Masked Man is Tim.

It's theorized that Masked Man and Hooded Man collaborated sometime.

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas was the original link between Tim and Alex and was acting as the main character in Alex's college film project, Marble Hornets. Tim relates in Entry 16 that the only reason he joined the project was because Brian introduced him to Alex. It is Brian's house that Jay investigates in his search for his missing friends because of a hunch that Alex and Brian might be there. Unfortunately it is not Brian he meets there. Brian, like Sarah, has not been seen since the shooting of Marble Hornets, though like her he is the subject of several theories about the identity of To The Ark or the hooded man, the latter which was proven correct when his jacket in the audition tape and Hoodie's were the same. He was included in Alex's recorded monologue among the list of people who are "gone."  He is the one person that Alex does not show any aggression toward at any during season one. 

Hooded Man/Hoodie

Called "Hoodie" by the fandom, the Hooded Man is a recurring character who wears a beige hoodie and a black ski-mask. His goals and intentions are still object of speculation.

His identity was unknown until Tim looked at his and Brian's audition tapes for Marble Hornets (near the end of the series), and realizes that Brian and Hoodie wear the same jacket.

Hoodie appears to be under the influence of The Operator at times, but often runs away from it/him as well, leading to Brian and The Operator's connection being somewhat ambiguous.

The Operator

The Operator is how the Slender Man is called in Marble Hornets. He's a strange and tall figure who has no face and wears a suit. He's connected to the Operator Symbol (often taken as the main symbol that represents the Slenderverse).

Jessica Locke

Jessica Locke is a character introduced first while Jay went through the footage of his missing six months. She was first introduced as the only non-staff person Jay had noticed on the videos of his stay in the hotel near Rosswood Park. She frequently had strange noises going on in her room which seemed to rouse Jay's curiousity about her. Sometimes she was friendly to Jay and sometimes put off by him. Towards the end of the footage from the missing time period, she confronts Jay about his inconsistent lies for reasons of being at the hotel and reveals that, like Jay at the time, she couldn't remember why she was there either. She disappears shortly before the pair can run from the hotel, presumably displaced by Masky. Her current whereabouts are unknown though Jay later comes to learn that she was roommates with Alex's now equally missing girlfriend and that she and he willingly went to the hotel together before losing their memories. 

Sarah Reid

Sarah was an actress for Alex Kralie's movie project, Marble Hornets. She's friend with Tim and is Brian's ex-girlfriend. Not much is said about her throughout the series and she hasn't appeared in many entries.

Some believe that she might be the Hooded Man.

Seth Wilson

Seth Wilson was the cameraman for the original Marble Hornets film project that Alex began in college. Not much is known of him past that he has a dog and apparently a lot of patience compared to the rest of the crew of Alex's film project. Despite Alex's frequent frustration toward him, Seth seems to have remained a friend or companion of Alex's. The last  thing we see of Seth chronologically is him being dragged away from Alex in a dark basement. Their reasons for being there are still unknown as well as Seth's eventual fate. However, Seth is later recounted as "gone" in the same list as Tim and Jay so it's possible that he is still out there somewhere and simply unaware of elements of his past. In an analysis video by Night Mind, he speculates that Seth might be the creator of the totherark YouTube channel. 

Amy Walters

Not much was said about Amy, except she was Alex Kralie's girlfriend and that both of them went to separate colleges. Her first on-camera appearance was on Entry 26.

Tribe Twelve

Noah Maxwell

Noah Maxwell is the main character on the Tribe Twelve series. He created a YouTube account for a project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel for a class, but the project got cancelled for unknown reasons. Noah, then, decided to use the channel as a memorial for his cousin, Milo Asher, who was recently found dead. He started off uploading videos from the last time Milo had visited him, in May of 2008. As Noah watches the videos and remember those last days he spent with Milo, he notices strange appearences from a tall man on the tapes. At the same time, he starts being monitored by an entity known as the Observer.

Milo Asher

Milo Asher was Noah Maxwell's cousin and close friend. According to Noah's description, Milo was a normal guy but had very deep personal problems since he was a child, having visited many psychologists over the years, and never really wanted to discuss them.

Milo was found dead on 2010, allegedly by an overdose of sleeping pills and antidepressants. Throughout the series, his suicide is no longer something certain considering evidence suggesting that the Observer or even Milo's mother, Mary Asher, were somehow involved in Milo's death.

Mary Asher

Mary Asher, Milo Asher's mother and Noah Maxwell's aunt, was diagnosed as having mental problems when she was very young because of alleged visions of a really tall man she would call Mr. Slim. Later in her life, she was married to a man named John Fletcher.

Kevin Haas

Kevin is a friend of Noah and, so far, has only appeared in one video on the series. 

According to Noah, Kevin speaks German and helped him translate the converstation he had with his grandfather Karl. Plus, Noah says he's the only person he would trust to accompany him to Victor Park and will ask him for help to translate his grandfather's journal as soon as he gets it.

Later on the series, evidence shows that Kevin is the Observer's "vessel", which means the Observer uses Kevin's body against his will.

Edward O'Connor

Edward is friends with Noah and helped him by analysing the electronic device Noah found in his room. He is hinted to return by Adam Rosner, the creator of TribeTwelve


Sam only appeared once in Tribe Twelve, he had contacted Noah because he had information on his aunt, Mary Asher, being a part of a "cult" called The Order. Sam seems very scared that someone might know where he lives and he's the one that tells Noah about the Dark Harvest guys and their struggling with the cult too.

Noah's Parents

Noah's parents have only made one appearence in the series so far and have been mentioned only a few times. Noah's mother is Mary Asher's sister, therefore, Milo's aunt and Karl's daughter. She isn't in any way, until now, involved with Slender Man or The Collective and never believed what her sister said about "Mr. Slim", believing she had, indeed, mental problems.

Once they told Noah was saved from drowning by an unknown man when we was little.

Karl Maxwell

Karl Maxwell is Noah's grandfather who was born in Germany and grew up near Vöhrenbach, near the Black Forest. As a member of the US Army in the 40's, most precisely of the Office of Strategic Services, Karl was sent on an operation near the Black Forest in which he had his first encounter with a creature he called "Der Großmann", a tall and faceless man with tentacles for arms, wearing a black suit. The group tried to attack the creature but it wasn't damaged at all.

According to the Observer, Karl has a journal written by a deceased man named Sebastian, which has forbidden information about the Collective and SlenderMan. Karl also has an artifact that protects him from the Slender Man and the Collective, but it's unknown for now if this "protective object" and Sebastian's journal are the same thing.

When Noah goes to visit his grandfather, Karl doesn't answer the door and tells Noah, in german, that it's not the right time. Later, when Noah manages to talk to him, he said that he's a lot of danger and needs to avoid Der Großmann as much as possible.


Sarah is a girl who lives in Florida and, after Noah tweets he needs a place to stay during Thanksgiving because he was fearful of being attacked, she lets Noah stay with her during the holiday. 

After strange occurances during Noah's stay in her house, when he has already returned home, she calls him saying her friend Kat, who Noah met while he was in Sarah's house, had being killed and she had being seeing Slender Man too.

Some time later, Noah found out that she had died from "multiple self-inflicted stab wounds" and, just before that, she tweeted that The Collective and Slender Man were coming for her. The last tweet on her Twitter account, presumably posted by The Observer, said "asuperfluousvariablehasbeeneliminatedfromtheequation blackrooktakeswhitepawn⊙"


Kat is Sarah's friend who spent some time with her and Noah during Thanksgiving. 

According to the events on the Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2 video, it is known that she was killed by Noah.

The Collective

The Collective is a group of entities that exists for a very long time, in which each member was converted into a powerful being by Slender Man. There's not an exact number of members, but some of them are more prominent than others. They exist in a different realm, almost like a different universe, where the concept of times does not exist like it does in our universe.

Each member has their own obligations and tasks and some theories say that each member follows one or more people.

The Observer

The Observer, whose original/previous title was "The Sentinel", is the most well-known member of the Collective, being referred to as "The Eyes". It was confirmed on Noah's Twitter that Kevin is the Observer's "vessel", that being the reason why Observer's physical appearence shows long hair and glasses.


Referred as "The Stubborn" by The Observer, he's the one known for his smile and pinhole eyes. He's a "good" entity that helps Noah throughout the series and tried to save him from Observer more than one time. On The Live Stream Incident video Firebrand is revealed to be Noah from an alternate future.

Mr. Scars

Referred as a "pawn" or as "The Burdned" by the Observer, Mr. Scars is revealed to be Milo Asher on the  Milo's Tape video. 


Referred as "The Selfish" by the Observer, she's the only known female member of the Collective and always appears with Xs over her eyes. Noah mentions that she bears resemblance to his mother and Mary Asher, his aunt, later being confirmed on the Obituary video that she is, indeed, Mary Asher.


Referred as "The Nationalist" by the Observer, his name comes from the word "Totenkopf" which means literally "death's head" in German.He wears a skull mask and most likely followed Sebastian and was/is following Karl Maxwell, Noah's grandfather.


Referred as "The Hermit" by The Observer, his name means "quite alone" in Latin. His appearance resembles and old man. Though there are no confirmation, some fans believe Persolus is, like Firebrand for Noah, a version of Karl Maxwell in an alternate future/timeline.


Referred as "The Lover" by the Observer, as his name means "lover" or "suitor" in German, he wears and old military uniform and a theater mask. Some theories say that Swain is Noah's friend Edward, while others say that it is the German soldier that Karl Maxwell met in World War II.



Evan was, at first, the nutritional expert of EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series. 

Being born on November of 1990 (presumably November 22nd, according to the A Day With Green Feathers video), Evan is the oldest member of the crew. He's a fan of hard rock and heavy metal bands and has a sister who has been mentioned but never appeared on camera. The crew jokes a lot about his inhability to use modern technology.

Known for his huge love for large knives, Evan often shows traits of mental instability and paranoia, also having an erratic temper. Throughout the series, mainly the first videos, Evan's shown not really paying attention to what's happening around him and he always seems to have his mind somewhere else.

It is clear, later in the series, that Evan is the most unstable member of the cast and the most vulnerable to both Slenderman and HABIT. He was also the first one to acknowledge that they were facing problems of supernatural nature, being also the only one who tried to reach Slender Man and attack him, having ended really injured and bloodied.

Later in the series, Evan's often possessed by an entity which calls itself "HABIT".

Fairmount Evan

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Evan as a distant and moody child, which only responded to the name "Habit" that, according to him, was how his dead mother used to call him.

Known for being very violent, Fairmount Evan murdered a young nurse and killed numerous rabbits that were kept at Fairmount Children's Home. After these and other several incidents, he was forbidden to use writing implementes such as pencils and pens, but had a Polaroid camera with which he managed to keep a diary.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called The Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Evan and Fairmount Evan have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Also called Vince, Vinny or Vin, he was the host of EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series.

Vincent is a liberal arts major and, though he first introduces himself as Vinny Everyman, he later admits it is not his real last name. He's known as the most friendly, extroverted and optimistic member of the crew. He's also not easily shaken by the strange happenings around him and often unwilling to give up once he makes a decision.

Even after the series stopped being about fitness tips and turned to be a documentary about their situation struggling with supernatural beings and occurances, Vinny has remained the most calm one not only of the crew, but from the whole situation (including their friends and families). He's the last one to admit that the events surrounding them are, indeed, supernatural.

Vince is determined to keep the camera on no matter what, often being criticized by Jeff and Evan for it.

Fairmount Vincent

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Vincent as a "young visual artist" and a kid who loved games and puzzles. 

Before going to the Fairmount Children's Home he had been abused by Reverend Green, who, according to the report, treated Fairmount Vincent in a sexually predatorial way. When the Reverend was found dead, Fairmount Vincent was in the room next door, calm and happy. As his father tried to take him from that place, the boy mentioned a "Man" who was very greedy and might not like that and that the Reverend didn't know that this "Man" didn't share.

Fairmount Vincent shows signs of havin a relationship with HABIT, talking about someone named "Captain Habit" sometimes. It is unclear wheter he talks about Fairmount Evan (who only answered to the name Habit) or the entity.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called The Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Vincent and Fairmount Vincent have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Jeffrey, also known as Jeff, was the camera-man from EverymanHYBRID, when it still was a fitness series.

Jeff is a political science and economics major and he works at a hospital. He has a brother named Alex whose guardianship was granted after their parents died in early 2010. Jeff became more apathetic throughout the series, due to the supernatural occurances.

Jeff had a girlfriend named Jessalyn who disappeared some time during the series and he travelled to look for her and to "investigate some things". After several weeks of Jessa being missing, he started to blame her friend Stephanie for it and, after a discussion on Twitter, Jeff called the police convincing them to question the girl about Jessalyn. At the same time, because he was sad about Jessa's disappearance, he didn't notice his brother was being attacked by The Rake. After Evan confronted them about this and the three of them took action, Jeff started to be more optimistic and felt guilty about what he did to Steph. Jeff then helped Evan and Vincent break her out from the mental hospital to which she was sent.

After that, the four of them became very close and Jeff said that when they were together it felt like "a family".

Jeff is strongly against the constant filming and only does it when Vincent asks him to. 

Fairmount Jeffrey

Dr. James Corenthal first described Fairmount Jeffrey as a writer, saying that he had written a few stories. 

Fairmount Jeffrey was sent to the Fairmount Children's Home after he had witnessed his father murdering his sister and killing himself. When Fairmount Jeffrey asked why his father killed Ellie, his sister, his father said that "the Man made him do it". Fairmount Jeffrey's mother was killed in the kitchen, out of his sight.

According to Dr. Corenthal, Fairmount Jeffrey and Fairmount Vincent were close and had their relationship built around jokes.

He, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called The Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Jeffrey and Fairmount Jeffrey have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Stephanie, also known as Damsel, was first introduced through her blog (CANYOUSEETHEWORDS) and it's not clear how she was first connected to the EMH cast, but she met them in person through Jessalyn. She was dubbed Damsel by the ones who followed her blog because she wouldn't reveal her name and didn't even sign her blog posts. Jeff was the one who revealed her real name on Twitter.

At first, not much was known about her but she told the blog followers having attented Alabama School of Fine Arts and having recently moved to Princeton. She's a loner who paints and draws. She has talked about horrific stuff that happened to her in the past and about her parents being killed in a house fire.

After she was arrested, a "letter" was posted to her blog (she had programmed it to be posted automatically) and it said that she had lied at first about her parents' death. She told the followers that after the investigation of her family's deaths, she was medicated but decided to avoid taking the pills. She also talked about having a bad relationship with the police and it is theorized that she was a suspect.

After her friend and Jeff's girlfriend, Jessalyn, disappeared, Jeff called the police on her and she was taken to a mental institution. He then felt guilty and the EMH crew went to rescue her and she started living with Evan with whom she started a relationship and, later, had a baby girl.

Fairmount Stephanie

In Dr. Corenthal's papers there was a name frequently redacted which was later discovered to be Fairmount Stephanie's name. 

Dr. Corenthal first described Fairmount Stephanie as a "visual artist". Not much is known about Fairmount Stephanie, except that she came from the same place as the other kids from the Mining Town Four and was called "Stephie" by them.

She, along with three other children from the Fairmount Children's Home, were adopted by James Corenthal and his wife, Maryann. They were called The Mining Town Four and each of them were haunted, according to the Doctor, by personal demons.

It is certain that Stephanie and Fairmount Stephanie have a connection, but deeper informations about this connection are not clear at the time.


Alex is Jeff's young brother. He has a YouTube channel,  WickedStickyAlex, which gives the fans a third-person perspective on what's happening with the EMH crew. On his channel he also posted videos talking about his brother and videos of his dog, Sparky, doing strange things. He was later found out to be The Rake's target.

Ever since his parents died, Alex sometimes talks like they are still alive and has recordings of their parents' voices (that he first recorded to use when creating music) which he uses to pretend they're still alive, as a self comfort mechanism.

After The Rake attacks Alex and he posts a video about it on YouTube, Evan confronts him and Jeff about the situation and they look inside the room, but they don't find anything. When they close the closet door, something bangs on it from the inside and they decide the lock the room just in case. Sometime later, they go to the room to check the crawlspace in the closet where The Rake was and there's a wall in there, like that space never existed. Alex gets the room back.

Sparky is killed by The Rake and Alex starts to use a sock on his hand, pretending it's Sparky (like he does with his parents' recordings), but later says he knows it's not his dog (whether he really believes that or not is unclear).

In their way to Jessie's funeral, Vinnie and Alex are talking and Alex tells him that he's been havin strange dreams for the past few weeks in which The Rake tells him things such as descriptions of Jessie's death and prophecies. Alex also says The Rake told him something about the crew but, before he reveals it, everything on the video turns black and Alex disappears. 


Daniel is a friend of the EMH crew and first appeared on the Healthy Eating video, in which it was revealed that he was the one disguised as Slenderman on the first few videos. 

He appeared mostly when there were big get togethers around holidays such as 4th of July and Christmas. He was killed by Evan while he was inHABITed on the Nextvideo.

Dr. Corenthal

Dr. James Corenthal was a psychiatrist specialized with childhood traumas. He worked at the Fairmount Children's home in the early 1970's, where he met the Mining Town Four (The Fairmount versions of the EMH crew). He got very close to these four and, eventually, he and his wife Maryann adopted them and took care of them. In a letter from 1981 he says the last one of the Mining Town Four had "succumbed", also revealing that he was taking Linnie, his recently accepted patient, east on an attempt to save her from what happened to his sons and daughter. It's known that he and his wife Maryann were separated at this point, but reunited again after a few years.

During the 90's he attempted to help many kids that showed the same or similar problems to the one his kids went through, one of them being Noah Maxwell's cousin, Milo Asher (from Tribe Twelve).

He's first mentioned in I'm Okay but not appeared on camera until the The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back) video. He's related to Jessie, but it is uncertain whether he's her mother's half-brother or related to one of her grandparents.

After Jeff visited Doctor Corenthal's wife, Maryann, she first talks about her husband on present tense, but suddenly changes to past tense after saying he's dead. It is uncertain whether the Doctor is alive or dead and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Maryann Corenthal

Maryann Corenthal was Doctor James Corenthal's wife and Mining Town Four's foster mother. She first appeared in . -, one of the hidden videos, where Jeff asks her about her husband, James Corenthal and, at first, she talks him on present tense, but suddenly changes to past tense after telling the boy the Doctor was dead. 

When Doctor Corenthal decided to take Linnie east, the couple had to be separated but reunited again after a few years. 

She's believed to be living in New Jersey after she left the facility in which she first encountered Jeff, but it is uncertain where.


HABIT is an entity whose nature is still unsure. He's speculated to be a demon, an angel, a ghost or a possessing force. Most of the information about his nature leads fans to believe that he's, indeed, a possessing force. He can control and possess Evan completely whenever he wants and has been doing it for months.

HABIT himself claims being directly reponsible and/or involved in inumerous violent events around the world and often implie that he possessed many of the world's most notorious and cruel serial killers and infamous villains throughout the history (such as Albert Fish and Josef Mengele). 

It was revealed that he can possess more than one person at the same time and he makes his vessel very powerful when inHABITing it. It was also revealed that he works with Slenderman sometimes but it's clear that he does only what can be beneficial for himself.


Jessa is Jeff's girlfriend and Damsel's best and only friend. 

She disappeared sometime around the first two weeks of August, 2010 and, despite Jeff's efforts, she was never found and is speculated to be dead.


Jessie is friends with Jessa and the EverymanHYBRID crew. She's also Evan's ex-girlfriend (as seen on A Day With Green Feathers). Her first appearance on camera was on the Cops Checked, No Body video, but she had been mentioned before on the July 24th, 2010 Ustream.

When she first heard the crew talking about Dr. James Corenthal, she told them she was his niece (it is unsure whether Corenthal was her mother's half-brother or one of her grandparents' siblings, because both informations were given). She provided the crew with some family stuff with information about Dr. Corenthal and visited his storage with the boys.

She was attacked and killed by The Rake (as seen on Jim Thorpe and Jessie).

Dead Girl

The body of a girl is discovered by Jeff and Vinny on the Cops Checked, No Body video. Her face was covered by her hood and her identity is unknown. She had multiple wounds first speculated to have been either self-inflicted or inflicted by The Rake. After Alex tells the crew her wounds were very similar to his after he was attacked by The Rake, she's its confirmed victim.

She was holding a letter written by Linnie and addressed to someone yet unkown. Many speculate that the girl is Linnie herself.


Rose is Jessie's grandmother and William's wife. Though she had never appeared on camera, she was mentioned on Rose, in which Vinny tells the fans that she was murdered (presumably by The Rake).

It should be noted that "Rose" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with Linnie and William. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.


William is Rose's husband and Jessie's grandfather. He's speculated to be the one to whom the letter on the Dead Girl's hand was addressed, but there are no informations to confirm this theory.

It should be noted that "William" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with Linnie and Rose. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.Its not real


Linnie was never on camera but was first mentioned on Reunion, because her name was written on a note Jeff found at his old school. Her name was also the letter found on the Dead Girl's hand.

It is later revealed on a letter wrote by Dr. Corenthal that Linnie was his patient shortly after he and his wife had adopted the Mining Town Four, but her personal demons were much "more feral". After the Mining Town Four, according to him, "succumed", he takes Linnie east attempting to save her and some informations indicate that they were successful.

It is uncertain whether the person who wrote those letters and this Linnie are the same person.

It should be noted that "Linnie" is one of the names mentioned in the original Rake Creepypasta, along with William and Rose. But there's no proven connection between them and the characters in the creepypasta.

Whether she's alive or dead and her current whereabouts are informations unknown.


Nick is a friend of the EMH crew who was first mentioned in Healthy Eating but first appeared on camera on the OUTSIDE HELP video. In the earlier videos, the boys believed Nick was the one pranking them, dressed as Slenderman, but he denied it.

An entry posted by HABIT on the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS blog written by someone named Nicholas was speculated to be written by Nick, but there's no confirmation on it, though Nick's appearence on the OUTSIDE HELP video gives this theory strenght.

Nick is killed by Evan while inHABITed.


Ryan is a friend of the EMH crew who only appeared once, in A Day In The Life.

On the A Day With Green Feathers video, the crew mentions that Ryan was supposed to be there, but didn't appear. At the end of the video he calls Vince and they find out Ryan had been in a car accident, and while on the phone, Vinny heard "the noises" (referring to the sounds The Rake makes).

It's later revealed that Ryan died in the accident and, though the police said it was a "normal" car accident, the boys say the body was mutilated beyond what would be normal in a car accident.

The Rake

Referred as "Feral Other", The Rake is a Creepypasta creature first seen on the Something Awful Forums. In the ARG, it's presence is accompanied by heavy breathing, whispering noises and growls. It has very sharp claws and it's very strong.

It is known to be responsible for Jessie's, Sparky's and Ryan's death and speculated to be also involved with Alex and Jeff's parents' death and Jessie's grandmother Rose's death. 



Chris is one of the main characters in Dark Harvest. He's the one who holds the camera in most entries and is the one who first posts on the channel, which he started because he wanted to record all the strange things that had been happening around his house for a few weeks.

Because he first believed that what was happening in his house involved ghosts and spirits, he talks with his friend Alex about it, asking if he believes in stuff like that. Later on, he realizes that there was no ghost, but he was actually dealing with an intruder who leaves him a message saying mortem obire (means "going to meet death" in Latin). After he and Alex investigate a bit, they find newspapers detailing the disappearance, in 2001, of a man named Marc McComber, who lived in Chris' house.

After his friend Greg disappears, Chris goes to Greg's house and finds his body in the basement. As he attempts to get help, he sees Slender Man and passes out. He's later questioned about what happened by Detective Amsel, who says Greg was murdered by a serial killer known as "The Tall Man".

Attempting to uncover what really happened to Greg, Chris, Alex and another friend of theirs, Jesse, search around Greg's house and end up finding a black book detailing stuff about a cult which they later find out to the The Order. 


Alex is, along with Chris, one of the main characters in Dark Harvest. He first appeared on the Log Entry #2 [11/28/2010 2:15 PM] video and appears in most of the entries.

Alex first appears when his friend, Chris, asks him if he believed in things like ghosts and spirits but, after the two witness signs that suggest the involvement of an intruder (not a ghost), Alex stays in Chris' house for a while. There, after a bit of investigation, they find newspapers detailing the disappearance of someone named Marc McComber, who lived in Chris' house and disappeared in 2001.

Along with their friend Jesse, Alex helps Chris break into their friend Greg's house to look for him, who had been missing for some time. After Chris finds Greg's body and sees Slenderman, he's found unconscious by Alex and Jesse. The three of them talk to Detective Amsel, who says he believes Greg was murdered by a serial killer known as "The Tall Man".

As they look for answers around Greg's house, they find a black book detailing stuff about a cult which they later find out to be The Order.


Jesse Laurenzi was not only a friend of Chris, Alex and Greg, but also a member of The Order.

After Greg started to experience strange occurances because he lived near one of the places where the Order made their meetings, Jesse convinced his friend to join the cult, but he soon expressed the desire to leave. Jesse told him that leaving The Order would result in death, but Greg didn't change his mind and, after he died, Jesse took his copy of The Order's book and hid it.

After Chris and Alex find out Jesse was a member of The Order, they reach Noah Maxwell and the three of them try to contact Jesse, who leads them intro a trap set by the cult. They manage to escape it and capture Jesse to ask him some questions, but they are forced to free him before they could finish.

After several months of being missing, Jesse's found out to have been executed by The Order.


Gregory Benson was a friend of Chris, Alex and Jesse. His first appearance was on the Log #12 video.

Even before videos started to be posted on the Dark Harvest channel, Greg was being followed by someone who wore a mask. Following Chris and Alex's adivce, he starts to film himself after some traumatic events. He's also convinced by Jesse to join The Order because Jesse believed he was one of the "chosen ones", but after Greg told him he wanted to leave the cult, Jesse told that would result in death. 

In March 15th, 2011, Greg is found dead in his house by Chris and Detective Amsel says he believes Greg was killed by a serial killer named "The Tall Man". Autopsies revealed that Greg was missing vital organs.


Jeff Benson is Greg Benson's older brother.


Daniel Shipman runs a blog called Project Egypt about his researches on various stuff, including an archaeologist named Heinrich Kaufmann II. After learning Chris and Alex were dealing with a cult related to this man, he decided to help them. He also helped Noah Maxwell with informations about his aunt (Tribe Twelve).


Gorr'Rylaehotep is the name given to Slender Man by the members of The Order, who believes the faceless man is some kind of God.

Kind von der Ritter

Kind von der Ritter ("Son of the Knight" in German) is a figure often associated with The Order. His relation to The Order is still unknown, but he's believed to be whether a former or current member, as he was able to apparently not only to attend but film some meetings, but he refers to Gorr'Rylaehotep as a monster. He has a YouTube channel as his only form of communication until the present moment and says he wishes for the boys (Chris and Alex) to trust him.

Though he says he is human (or was, at least once), he has the ability to alter how the time flows for him and those around him, not mentioning he once stated he was able to "see the future" and "hear the past". He also causes distortion and claims to exist in a different world, a world separate from humans. Daniel Shipman believes he is, in fact, Marc McComber.

Heather McComber

Heather McComber is a former member of The Order and Marc McComber's granddaughter. She first met Chris when he asked about an old chest he saw at her yard sale. The chest had the iconic symbol of The Order on it, so he tried to buy it but she said it was a family heirloom. Chris then pretended to be a history major doing a project on cultural artifacts and asked if he could interview her about the chest.

After she reveals being a member of The Order, she asks for Chris and Alex's help, but they deny it. After the boys' parents' death, they confront her, believing she had something to do with it, but while she denies it, a member of The Order attempts to kill her. They ran away to the house of one of Chris' friends.

Marc McComber

Marc McComber is Heather McComber's grandfather. Before he disappeared sometime in 2001, while living in what now is Chris' house, he was a member of The Order whose title was "The Oracle". According to some of The Order's documents, he has a scar on his right leg and brown eyes.

Daniel Shipman believes he's Kind von der Ritter.

Heather's Father

Heather McComber's father and Marc McComber's son, he's believed to be called "J. McComber".

After his father, Marc McComber, tried to convince him to leave The Order, he refused and placed Marc into a mental institution, also beginning to have constant arguments with Heather's mom, his wife, about The Order. He ended up leaving her and his daughter.

Whether he's alive or dead and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Lawrence Rainwood

Lawrence Rainwood was, in 1985, The Order's Chief Overseer. Though he was never married, he had a son named Jacob, also a member of The Order, who took his father's position as Chief Overseer.

Lawrence founded the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center during the 1950s.

Jacob Rainwood

Jacob Rainwood is Lawrence Rainwood's son who, according to some of The Order's documents, has a lazy eye. He is one of The Order's Chief Overseers, taking his father position (presumably after his death), but passed his New Jersey Chapter Overseer position to another member.

There are no public records of Jacob Rainwood's presence in the United States, but it's known he's somewhere in the country or being impersonated by someone.

Hans Freuhaf

Hans Freuhaf was a Nazi scientist who had an interest in mysticism and legends. It's known that, other than being in charge of the Princeton Experiment, he's believed to have been in a Gorr'Rylaehotep-related cult, which wasn't related to The Order.

Matt Sharky

Matt Sharky is friends with Chris and Alex. He worked at the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School until late 2012, when it was shut down. He worked with the Rainwood family for years, but apparently never knew about The Order or their connection to it. He refers to Jacob Rainwood as a good person and Matt had his rent paid by Jacob even after no longer being his employee.

Heinrich Kaufmann II

Heinrich Kaufmann II was a German archaelogist who's known by The Order as "the Discoverer". His career reached its peak in the early 1900s and is, along with his life, one of Daniel Shipman's objects of study.

All the information about him was removed from textbooks from reasons still unknown and the only biography written on him stopped being published on the 1970s.

Henka Visæ

Henka Visæ was once a member of The Order. He was the one who recruited Mary Asher to one of the chapters of the cult, most precisely the Southern Chapter. According to some of The Order's documents, he's no longer a member of the organization. He was confirmed in Milo Asher's journal that he eventually assumes the role of Deadhead of the Collective.

Detective Amsel

Detective Amsel comes from a family known to have strong ties with the Rainwood Family. He's believed to be a member of The Order. After Greg's death, he told Chris and Alex, while supposedly investigatin the case, he believed their friend had being murdered by a serial killer known as "The Tall Man". The two of them first believed Detective Amsel, but after Daniel Shipman discovered his family's connection with the cult, they no longer believed he was credible.


Sam is a conspiracy theory specialist who made the first connection between Chris and Alex and Noah Maxwell, from Tribe Twelve, also providing Noah with papers that contained information about Noah's aunt, Mary Asher's membership to The Order.


Michael Andersen

Michael Lukas Andersen (where the channel name comes from) is the main character and often the one behind the camera.

After being discharged from a psychiatric hospital where he had spent the last sixteen years, Michael Andersen starts a videolog at the request of his doctor, in which he would document his what happens to him daily - this would be used by his doctor for further analysis of Michael's condition.

Not after long, he starts to film a tall and faceless man he had been seeing throughout his whole life - one of the main reasons why he was sent to a mental institution - but his brother, Shaun, and their friend, Eric, don't believe in a word he says, thinking he's not really sane - even though Michael says this man had been following him and Shaun since they were kids.

After Shaun goes missing, Eric concludes Michael had something to do with it, based on the years he spent struggling with his mental condition. Michael, then, starts to try to convince Eric that what's been happening to him is real and that they're all in danger.


Patrick is Michael's split personality and the series' antagonist. Though he claims to protect Michael, he's believed to be one of Slender Man's proxies and it is known he has some sort of connection with the tall and faceless man. 

Though he is a human's alter-ego, he's believed to be able to travel through dimensions and time and, at first, he appeared violent, but now seems to genuinely care about Michael's friends and families. And although he was believed to be someone helping Slender Man, he now seems terrified of him.

Shaun Andersen

Shaun Andersen is Michael's younger brother. After Michael tells him he no longer feels safe at home, Shaun allows Michael to stay at his house. 

Though Michael said Slender Man had been following him and Shaun since they were very young, Shaun, at first, says he doesn't believe his brother. But after he sees Slender Man for the first time, his childhood memories slowly come back.


Eric is Shaun's close friend and roommate. He claims not to see Slender Man at first and believes Michael should still be in the mental institution he was held for the past sixteen years, for he's not trustworthy.

He starts to believe in Michael after he encounters Slender Man.


Stormy once attended the same psychiatric hospital that Michael was in for sixteen years, it was there where they first met and became friends. She's the one who supports Michael the most, even when he's at his worse.

It's believed that Slender Man considers Story disposable and that she's only his victim by association. She's one of Patrick's targets, as it seems he feels some sort of "sadistic pleasure" while hurting her.


Not much is known about Dave, except he's friend with Shaun and let him stay at his house for some time.


Doctor Cairo Zelphest



Caught is the protagonist of the CaughtNotSleeping ARG. He started the channel by posting a video in which he talked about feeling exhausted despite usually sleeping 10 to 12 hours per night. He asks for help and any useful information about what might be making him feel that way or about things he could try to make himself feel better. He then starts to see evidence of Slender Man's presence and eventually has an encounter with him.

Caught is known for his very ill-tempered, sarcastic and ironic personality. This traits often get him in trouble and, despite them, he has already revealed being scared of the whole situation. It was revealed Caught doesn't know much about himself and remembers nothing before the day when he recorded his first video.

He has, a few times, shown signs that he could possibly be an unreliable narrator. He already admitted he had kept secrets from the audience, in example.

Most of the times, Caught wears blue jeans, black shirt and a grey sweatshirt. He also wears a lot of rings (which makes him easy to identify as the cameraman) and has curly hair - but it should be noted he had it shaved once or twice.


Natalie is short, has blonde hair and often wears glasses. She's behind the camera most of the time.

Natalie claims to feel comforted by cameras because of an incident in her childhood involving her brother and his possible death at a very young age. She has stated not being close to her family and now lives in Seattle, which is believed to be far from where she lived.

She was, at first, a fan who had an encounter with Caught on the street. She was initially skeptical regarding the Slender Man appearances for she believed it was all fake, but after having encounters with the Tall Man herself, she started not only to believe Caught, but has joined him in his journey looking for answers. It should be noted she's a bit inconstant but has shown, several times, the capacity to deffend herself when attacked - she often carries a defensive weapon, mostly a baseball bat, when travelling alone.

Natalie has also shown signs that she could be an unreliable narrator due to not having revealed many details of her past and her reasons for helping Caught, other than being a fan, being unknown.


RoivasSevil is the owner of an enigmatic channel that has been created even before CaughtNotSleeping started. Her appearance, true identity and motivations haven't been revealed yet, but she says she cares for Caught and wishes to help him. 

She has revealed to have had a family which, at one point, betrayed her how she is now. She states Caught was a part of this family, but the exact details of this "betrayal" and his role in it are unknown. She lives now in the "Dark Place" and it's not clear whether Caught came from this place or if she comes from the world Caught currently "lives". 

She only communicates through videos and codes. She communicates, through chat, with a group of fans which she calls "butterflies".


After RoivasSevil messaged CNS fans and asked them to "not play the game" and "show their faces" so they would be able to speak up and be heard, the fans spoke up in support of her and were awarded butterfly names that matched their characters. 

They often have personal conversations with not only RoivasSevil but also with 1AmTheHelp3r and, occasionally, with Caught and Natalie.


1AmTheHelp3r made his first appearance on 2011, by posting personal messages on CaughtNotSleeping's subscribers' boards'. It was clear on his first video that he had been following Caught and, shortly after, kidnapped him and held him hostage until the viewers could solve a riddle. 

His motivations are unknown but it is clear he's at odds with RoivasSevil.

He's always wearing blue jeans, latex gloves and a hood that obscures his face - Caught believes he has no face at all. He also carries a violin case in which he keeps handcuffs, ropes and other necessary supplies.

He's has a domineering personality and often reacts with threats and physical violence. Heavy breathing and animal snarls, whenever he's really angry, can often be heard in his videos.

Showtime Killer

He was first mentioned in the Radio Report that played during the 1472 Lansing Place: Four video. He's known for having accumulated at least 17 victims on the West Coast of the US and by two distinctive messages: "The Show Must Go On" and "It's Show Time". He's shown up in the chat where the butterflies talk and shown off the fact that he knows informations about the butterflies' lives.

It was once theorized he was Caught's alter-ego, but RoivasSevil said he was entirely human. He's also believed to be the one RoivasSevil refers to as the "One Who Cannot See". His identity still remains unknown.

The Puppets and The Mirror

These characters were confirmed to be connected in the "Into The Dark"/"Dark Place", as the Mirror was seen controlling one of the puppets. It's unclear whether The Mirror is one of the puppets or the puppeteer.

The Puppets

The Puppets first appeared on the 925 Cranbrook Dr video and they're known to be representations of Caught. They are three marionettes representing three personalities/emotions: happiness, anger and sorrow/fear. The puppet who represents anger is often seen separated from the other two.

They are white-faced, dark-eyed versions of Caught and each of them have their own wardrobe.

The Mirror

The Mirror's character isn't really defined at this point and appeared in the series alongside the puppets. The Mirror is a long armed inhuman figure, it also doesn't have legs nor eyes. 

The Mirror refers to itself in several pronouns (he/she/it/we/they) and often talks about being displeased. It's notable for it's wide smile and the blue glow that emanates from it's torso.

The Mirror's Followers

The Mirror gathered followers by offering RoivasSevil's butterflies a deal with which they could retrieve the remainder of Roivas' message to one of the butterflies. He requested that five of the butterflies would perform a ritual that would tie them to the mirror and, though they failed to perform this ritual, a lot of players did it and were succesful.

The Unknown

Very little is known about this character, except he's been helpful to Caught during his hunt for answers for he's a vital source of information. It's known to have have been present in Caught's past.

The North Woods Project

Alex Henderson

Alex is the cameraman and assistant director for The North Woods Project, and was mysteriously Marked after his experiences in the Tunnel, Alex was originally the main character of the series, before being shot several times by Robert.

The Architect

A remorseless and possibly omnipotent deity, the Architect is a portrayal of the Fear of Control, having the power to create any number of universes at will, with any number of strange, unusual tendencies. This is the universe in which The North Woods Project takes place.

The Archangel

The first portrayal of the Fear of the Afterlife, the Archangel is a physical embodiment of the afterlife. When you die, your soul is trapped within the Archangel forever, where you will be forced to control his every move for all eternity. The Archangel has been shown looming over dead bodies, and even stabbing and killing several characters.

Robert Chriss

Being the Director and Producer of The North Woods Project, Robert pretends to be good friends with Alex to get closer to him. Robert is a member of the Enlightened, and shot himself in the head after killing his best friend.

Tyler Carwile

Mentioned by Alex to be the groups location scout, Tyler often went with Robert on trips to find new locations to film. Tyler has been shown dying and then reappearing several times, and has been revealed to be a Pawn.

The Sentience

The Sentience are Indisen, or complete clones, of the bodies the Archangel uses, having been created during the Pawn Uprising, led by the Glitch. They have formed an entire organization, as well as a religious sect, and are known to have terrorized Alex during his life.

Osiris Chronicles



The Pets

Afraid At Home/Stargazer

Kyle Emerson



Pater Noster

Zeke/The Prophet










Kyle Emerson.5

The White Beast

Clover in Chicago

Clover Jameson/Ann

Alice Lancaster/Elizabeth

Clara Vandermeulen/Abigail



Clover's Father

Mark's Babbling (alt. Driest Humor)







The Abbey Diaries


Doctor Thurman








Keratin Garden




Tulpa Effect

One Bad Dream



A Really Bad Joke

The World That Never Was

A Hint of Serendipity/Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man




The Undecided Five















The Rake


Ryan Coleman



Unnamed Teenager

Though the name of this teenage boy is unknown, it is known that he started being stalked by the Slender Man sometime in mid-2013. Due to the stalking, he is suffering from depression and anxiety, and constantly films himself, uploading important events to his YouTube channel.

Unnamed Proxy

Presumably the Proxy who initiated the unnamed teenager's stalking, this Proxy wears a cheap plastic Friday the 13th mask to hide their identity, and uses a wrecking bar as a weapon.







ThroughTheWoods Channel, Setting/Plot:

The majority of the Web Series seems to take place at W.A State, as mentioned in 'Event #1- Starting Off.' Zach and Nick are assumed to be going on their first camping trip without adult supervision. It is also assumed that a storm will occur sometime in their week of camping. Towards the end of Nick's and Zach's camping trip, is where things start to turn abnormal.

It seems as though, through out the current videos, viewers find out that they have a Mobile Personal Hotspot, and that is how they are editing and uploading the videos they post.

The link to this channel can be found here:



Zach, the age of [UNKNOWN], seems to be the main Camera holder when ever he can be, filming all that he can. He is seen as an optimist, but the style he wears motions that he is a depressed individual. It is assumed he has endeared traumatic experiences in the past, which makes him seem more logical and strong minded against The Tall Faceless Man.


Nick, at the age of [UNKNOWN], seems to love the woods. He is assumed to be the one to come up with the idea of going camping for a week without adults, and only [what is assumed to be] his best friend, Zach. He seems laid back, but knows his way around the woods. There is a problem with his lungs, an assumption due to all the coughing in all the current 'Events.' It is assumed he was partly corrupted by the faceless suit wearing man while he was passed out in 'Event #3- Not Alone' due to a coughing fit.

Nick's Father-

Stern and well mannered, this character within the series has not been seen other than the very first 'Event.'

Tall Faceless Man (Name Not Given Yet)-

This ominous character is speculated to be first seen in 'Event #2- Are We Screwed?' He seems to cause great camera disruption, along with audio disruption whenever he is around Zach and Nick, and the camera is rolling.

Channel Uploads:

Event #1- Starting Off-

(Needs to be Filled.)

Event #2- Are We Screwed?-

(Needs to be Filled.)

Event #3- Not Alone-

(Needs to be Filled.)

TheSnowRunsRed Channel:

It is assumed this channel stalks TTW [ThroughTheWoods]. The current channel uploads show locations where Nick and Zach have been at/inside of.

The link to this Channel can be Found Here:


Unknown Proxy-

This [assumed to be] proxy of The Tall Facless Man is first seen in TSRR's first upload, 'sinnersdontrepent.'


Nick is first seen on this channel in 'Alone?'

Channel Uploads:


(Needs to be Filled)


(Needs to be Filled)




The Master

The Rake





Vincent Anderson

"Vince" or "Vinny" is the main protagonist of the series, who himself is the first in breaking-through in the project and the main target from all the supernatural occurrences when beginning all this. He is then slowly breaking underneath the pressures of all that's weighted on his shoulder as he continues to peruse what really happened/is going on: To himself, his father, and Jason. He then passes through stages of unknown aggression, requiring him to take his, stated, "recent", medication to "cool" himself. Then slowly re-living his buried past, considering the drugs, himself, and a "tall man".

(*Update/So far/Edit*)

Jason Manson

Second-hand protagonist, Jason is the creator of Threedaysto0, which Vincent is co-chief. He and the brunette began a escalated friendship 3 years ago, building to the point of meeting 'face-to-face', first birthing the idea of the project. Launching it in early June. For his passion of science, and the outer-regions of space; so-on. Though, Jason began disappearing from recent Entries, only mentioned by Vincent throughout the first one, but proved no further activity otherwise. On another note, his absence brings un-welcomed creatures to appear out-of-the-open, causing Jason to be speculated for his own, stated, "pawn"-role in all of this. Making Vincent look into him more then he knows.

(*Update/So far/Edit*)

Thomas Anderson

Not much is revealed about him, but Thomas begins to play a 'leading' role to his son's (Vincent's) predicament, which he had to take the same precautions to "stay safe from IT". Divorced from his ex-wife, Maria Anderson, Thomas flees from the household, giving away no-recent activity, and loosened all ends from his family in FireStone up till this point.

(*Update/So far/Edit*)

Maria Anderson

The single mother/widow to, both, Thomas and Vincent Anderson, she is only mentioned in recent arguments between her and Thomas, the last being his final appearance (seeing in Entry #-6) before leaving FireStone.

Negative/"Mediam noctem"

One of the series' antagonists, Negative/"Midnight", described throughout the recent Entries as a black-silhouette male figure with a light-blue hole caved in his face, is identified as Vincent's stalker, and the culprit for the recent clues, findings, and video interruptions/distortions/corruptions. Who is, seemingly, in a somewhat-acquaintance with the Slenderman, by assisting it however he can into making Vincent "remember". Plus, on a surprising note, Negative is also known to have also been stalking Thomas Anderson at the time as well (from the footage retrieved in Entry # -6).

(*Update/So far/Edit*)

"Sublimes homins"

A common entity, refereed as the 'Slenderman', it forces it's presence upon the Anderson family (Vincent and Thomas mainly) to re-awaken an unlikely being into reality. Which it, including Negative and himself, will go through a three-day submission known as the "Sagmina luna".


(*Coming up: Edit/Update*)


Nathan "Nate" Reyes/Ryder

The main protagonist. 13 years old at the start of the series and 14 by the time of the beginning of Arc 1. He and his best friend Drew first made their "PhantomVoices" YouTube channel to create comedy videos, but Drew is taken by the Maestro fairly early on. This prompts Nate to begin a search for Drew. Initially, he doesn't get far and is forced to delete all traces of his former accounts. When he's pulled in again, he digs much deeper into the mystery and it's revealed that he and Drew's family has a history with the Maestro.

He's caught in the struggle between the Maestro and the Trickster, both deeming him an important variable in their rivalry. He also has a split personality that goes by the moniker "Ryder", as a reference to the fake last name he formerly donned while using the PV accounts.

Drew Bautista/Blackwell

The main driving force and deuteragonist. 13 years old at the start of the series. Nate's best friend and partner for the PhantomVoices channel. Unseen in Arc 1, all traces of his existence seem to have been erased from history. No one has noticed his disappearance except for Nate. From what could be seen, he was taken by the Maestro and his fate is currently unknown.

The Nix Killer

The main antagonist and proxy of the series. Escaping incarceration during a prison fire, there isn't much known about his appearance. It is covered up very extensively. All that is known about him is that he is a serial killer and the main writer of the Oblivion After Chaos blog.

Efren Reyes/E.R.

The posthumous cause of the events seen thus far. Initially only referenced and vaguely alluded to in some Oblivion After Chaos blog posts, he's the one who started the Oblivion Church and came into contact with the Maestro during World War II. He is Nate's paternal grandfather.


Human Characters


The main protagonist of the series. He creates an account on DeviantART called "null-jordan" in order to keep a sketch journal of his first year at college. But strange things begin happening early on. And, of course, Jordan writes and draws all.

He is shown to be a shy and troubled character with a history of mild mental disorders (OCD and ADD). He also experiences frequent paranoia and sleeplessness. Recently his behavior has been troubling--- secretive and strange. He has also had several close encounters with an entity called both Master (by the Horde) and Refractor (by Null).


Jordan's best friend since middle school. He has an analytical mind and is good at piecing things together and making sense of things.


Another of Jordan's good friends. A genuinely nice guy; always there to support and defend his friends. Aside from Michael, he is closest to Jordan. He is always smiling and very chatty... at least until recently, as he has begun to act very unstable, sometimes making an unnecessarily angry post or having an angry outburst at school. It's no wonder, though, since he has developed a masked personality in the form of Two-Face.

Had a somewhat sad childhood and doesn't like to be home for some reason.


Another of Jordan's good friends. Apparently speaks his mind a lot. He seems to have an immunity to the forces at work and doesn't say too terribly much on the account until the Second Semester.


Jordan's brother. He is not supportive of Jordan's sketch journal project and tries to rationalize everything Jordan has been experiencing. Recently he has taken a stand of believing that Jordan and his friends have definitely been experiencing something, but he is certain that there's a rational scientific explanation for everything. It turns out that he was far more involved than originally thought...


A transfer student who joined the null_jordan cast at the beginning of the Second Semester run. She is very good friends with Mike and is *definitely* romantically involved. Her part in the series is yet to be seen. Rusty seems to have some interest in her as well. Later mentioned that Rusty did indeed have a huge crush on her. She was into journalism from an early age and probably did some behind-the-scenes investigation.


Jordan's roommate.


A friend of Tate's. He finally made his first in-series appearance in Journal Entry 62.


An apparently mischievous classmate of Jordan's.

Masked/Ambiguous Characters


Null is the alias of a mysterious hacker who has been making cryptic "word puzzles" and uploading them to the null-jordan account as he pleases. These puzzles are always two words divided by an underscore. Seems protective of the null_jordan cast.

It was revealed that Null is the rogue imaginary friend/creative muse of Jordan, acting on his own and manifesting himself as a second personality. The logical part of Jordan's mind.


A thin man dressed in all black aside from a white skull mask. Jordan has dubbed him "Spooky". Seems to have some sort of authority in the masked horde. Disappeared after Ray attacked him and left his mask behind.

beaming_skull Spooky returned and brought with him a new nickname. Instead of the prior "dead_man" assignment, he is now designated by the Resistance as "beaming_skull". This seems to further prove that this new Spooky is not the same Spooky from the First Semester. He is the identity of Four Lines and was not only revealed to be the leader of the Resistance, but Jordan's own brother Ray.

The Saint

A masked figure, likely female, dressed in all white. Was an authority figure in the masked horde. A counterpart to the Sinner. Now Resistance.

The Sinner

A masked figure, likely male, dressed in all black. Was an authority figure in the masked horde. A counterpart to the Saint. Now Resistance.

Dark Heart (AKA Mr. Rude, Boldface Guy)

This character has refused to give his real name out. Devoted to a figure known as "the master" and leaves creepy posts on the null_jordan page. Has a known connection to the horde. Seems to be extremely violent and malevolent toward the members of the null-jordan account. Stitch refers to him as "Dark Heart," but fans have given him less evil-sounding names that somehow befit the character just as much. A favorite is "Mr. Rude," named for the character's abrupt, straightforward, and downright evil dialogue.

A set of three numbers was shown to this character by the Resistance: [6 3 2]. No-one knows the meaning of this code, and the meaning probably will not be known until the series end, when all clues are revealed. Or so we hope. It is unlike the other codes left by Stitch and the Resistance, so it stands out a little. It has also reappeared during the Second Semester.

This character's identity was revealed.

The Master/Refractor

The head of the masked horde. An entity resembling a half-man, half-tree phantom monstrosity, capable of shapeshifting and some form of mind control. Also referred to as "Refractor" by Null, likely called so for its disturbing ability to bend people to its will. Dark Heart is very loyal to this creature.


A masked man in a black-and-red stitched-together hoodie. Stitches in his mask that separate a white side from a black side. Says he's there to help the null_jordan cast. Allied with Null. He leaves messages in the form of number puzzles and codes. The codes vary in appearance but many hold the same general formula, making those who have figured out how the codes work able to solve the codes.


Very thin masked man in a tricolor mask that's red on one half, silver on the other, and blue on the bottom, looking docile on the silver half and angry on the red half, hence the name. Wears a gray jacket. It's currently unknown as to whether or not this character is for null_jordan or against them. Also known as the "sad man" by Null.

Happy Man, Sad Man: Revealed to be Rusty, whose earlier nickname was "Happy Man," a contrast with the later Sad Man personality. This duality seems to aid in the identity of "Two-Face" further than just the mask. As it turns out, the mask's duality is more likely a reference to the two personalities contained within the Two-Face character: Sad Man and another personality whom he was in constant conflict with.

Spooky "Beaming Skull" (Four Lines)

He is a member of the resistance and is arguably the least cryptic of the members. He is the head leader of the Resistance and calls himself "master" now. Revealed to be Jordan's brother Ray.

The Silence

This character has not appeared but has made a journal post and has been mentioned by Null on several occasions. Instead of speaking in code like the other main Resistance members, this one says nothing and lets others do the talking. The only reason we know that the Silence is a character is because his name was listed among them in the "Assemble" journal. Silence is a common key word in the Second Semester and definitely refers to this character whenever the word is used.

The Stranger

This character was also listed among the leaders of the Resistance, and has only made one appearance. He was described as wearing a striped jacket. Later referred to as "the Mime" by Spooky.

Miscellaneous Masked Characters




The Sightless