Null jordan is a series which focuses on a college freshman named Jordan, who starts a DeviantART account called "null-jordan" in which he plans to upload his personal art project--- a sketch journal detailing his first year of college. But weird things begin to appear early on into his project, including strange rat-like creatures, unexplained split personalities, and some sort of shapeshifting tree-man with the ability to change the very soul of a human being.

Jordan writes and draws all...



"My paranoia's only increased. I'm starting to feel like the subject of 'Papercut'." -Jordan

Jordan Gideon/ Null

Rusty Gruber

Michael Praxis

Trevor Perez

Ray Gideon



Spooky (as beaming_skull)

The Resistance (as a whole)


Pilot Fish/ Rats

The Master/ Refractor

The Horde (Dark Heart in particular)


Two-Face (Rusty's Masked Persona) The allegiances of Rusty's masked personality, sometimes called the Sad Man, are unknown. He has never taken any actions for or against either side but has shown definite fear of whatever is going on inside him, if his terrified posts are anything to go by.

He was recently listed as a member of the Resistance, but there was a question mark by his name.

As it turns out, Two-Face was actually comprised of TWO separate personalities who were constantly fighting with one another. Since Sad Man stopped posting halfway through March, and since Null began ranting about how "the third" was dead some time after, it's safe to say the personality was eventually overcome by the second, more dangerous personality.

Unique Among Slenderseries

Null_jordan stands as the only Slenderverse series presented in a sketch journal format. While this may hinder the believability of the story to some extent, it does allow for more creativity on the artist's part. This allows for some unique takes on the Slenderman, to both appearance and abilities.

New Concepts

One new concept introduced in the series is the rat, which Null refers to as Pilot Fish. They are apparent harbingers to the arrival of the Refractor.

While not an entirely new concept, this series' version of the Slenderman, called the Refractor, is a sort of shapeshifter. So far he's only been seen to transform from a tree to a vaguely humanoid form, but he may be capable of more.

The Horde

A cult of masked individuals appears in the woods near the college campus one day. It consists of 30 or so masked individuals who seem to worship a creepy black tree.

Members Named

Spooky (skull mask) A man in all black clothing and a grinning white skull mask. Last seen in Journal Entry 20; he made a return in Journal Entry 58, but he does not seem to be the same "host," as Jordan put it, and seems to be on the side of the Resistance now. May also be the identity of Four Lines, judging by his writing style.

Ray was revealed to be the new Spooky and is now on the side of good for sure.

The Saint (all white) Female, wearing all white. An authority figure in the Horde but not much else is known about her. Now considered Resistance.

The Sinner (all black) Male, wearing all black. An authority figure in the Horde but, like his counterpart the Saint, has nothing else really known about him. Now considered Resistance.

Dark Heart (Mr. Rude/ Boldface Guy) Perhaps the most infamous member of the Horde. His appearance is unknown but he is represented by the series creator as a black silhouette with glowing red eyes. His posts to the null-jordan account are two sentences long, blunt, and in bold text. He had been gone since the Cure went into effect, but he's made a return and is now more threatening than ever.

The Master/ the Refractor (Slender Man) Dark Heart calls him Master, Null calls him Refractor and everyone else calls him "that thing," "it," or "him." A shapeshifting phantom with the ability to bend people to his authority. The undoubted leader of the Horde.

Sheol (black robe, black plague doctor mask) A particularly creepy but seemingly insignificant member of the Horde. First appeared in the Halloween journal and has appeared once after. Possibly listed as Resistance.

Mongrel (suit, wolf mask) Appeared alongside Sheol in the Halloween journal. Undoubtedly the "wolf_face" in the "Assemble" journal, making him Resistance now.

Midas (golden gloves and mask) I forget when this guy's only appearance was, meaning he's probably just a red herring. Probably the "gold_hands" mentioned in the "Assemble" journal, making him Resistance now.

The Resistance

Once a small group fighting off the influence of the Refractor's horde. Now the Resistance constitutes every member of the former Horde, as well as several new members.

Members Named

Stitch A man in a black-and-red hoodie and a half black, half white, smiling mask with red stitches separating the two halves of the mask. Due to his having one red eye, it is speculated that he may be the character referred to as "red_eye." This is basically confirmed in the "Assemble" journal, but the "red_eye" is pluralized as "red_eyes". Are there more than one?

Null Jordan's rogue muse. The central masky of the series. The likeliest identity of "the First."

Spooky (beaming_skull) Spooky is back, but he's somebody else now--- and he's on the side of the Resistance.

The Stranger First mentioned in the Assemble journal; the character Rusty mentions in one of his posts made regarding something he remembered from being missing: he saw a stranger in a striped jacket following him around. This also may be the identity of the character called "the Mime" in one status post by Spooky.

The Silence Unlike other Resistance characters, this one doesn't speak in code, but says nothing and lets other characters do the talking! Null has referred to him using the phrase "the silence is golden." He himself had to have posted "59", which was a journal entry of nothing. The identity of this character is never made clear but silence is brought up on numerous occasions and may very well refer to this character.

Numbered Members

The First (Possibly Null/Jordan)

The Second (Confirmed as Stitch)

The Fourth (Confirmed as Ray/Spooky)

The Third (Rusty's Sad Man personality)

The Fifth (Unknown)

The Sixth (Unknown)

(The fifth and the sixth are probably The Silence and the Stranger/Mime. Which one goes where is unclear.)

The Cure

The Cure, an element introduced and implemented at the tail end of the first half of the series (but hinted at even earlier, dating back to a post by Stitch on October 22nd entitled "10 36 2 38 10"). Whatever the cure was, it worked, leaving the first half of the series on a hopeful note.

The Cure seems to have gone awry with the return of Dark Heart, however. He states that the Cure was a failure, implying that Dark Heart was something that was initially "cured" but has come back. Ray later described him as "resistant bacteria."


First Semester

On September 4th, 2016, Jordan Gideon created the null-jordan DeviantART account and began posting material. On the 6th, the first journal entry was published. In this first entry, Jordan remarks that he had a brief blip of memory while going to bed that night. This is, of course, only the start of the weird things happening in Jordan's life.

From there, he and his friends become off-and-on sick with some bizarre illness, and Jordan soon discovers that Null, a creative muse he'd created in the past, has reasserted himself as a second personality in Jordan's body. His friend Rusty also shows signs of a splitting personality, which later manifests itself as the masked Two-Face, also known as Sad Man. His friend Trevor, on the other hand, seems completely immune.

A cure has cleared up the minds of the characters for the most part, but will it be enough to hold through the second semester?

Second Semester

On February 4th, 2017, the series booted up again, though it's off to a slow start. A new character, Marlee, has been introduced.

So far, this semester has seen the return of Stitch, the Resistance, Sad Man, and everyone's least favorite bold-text-typing psychopath, Dark Heart. Now two young men have been murdered in their own beds, and it looks like Dark Heart is to blame. After a threat to Marlee's life, Rusty has sworn to do everything he can to stop Dark Heart.

Rusty goes missing in early April and is found three days later, though he begins to behave strangely after this. He takes late-night strolls in the rain and, after coming under fire from an untrusting Null, he leaves null-jordan in hopes of finally leaving all the chaos behind him. Meanwhile Michael isn't doing so well himself and continues to get worse each time he posts.

Jordan, who has been remembering more and more of his moments as Null, notes that he remembers being Null almost all the time now. More murders occur.

During the last week of the series, it is revealed that Ray was the Fourth and Spooky, the leader of the Resistance. Two days later it was revealed exactly who Dark Heart was, or was inhabiting, at any rate. It looks as if Ray has a way to help get rid of Dark Heart at last, but he says it will take some time. Post-series, presumably.

After several big events, Jordan announced in Journal Entry 86 that he had changed the account password and would be running away. The account remained inactive until May 24, 2018, where Jordan posted a journal updating watchers on his status and alerting them to a blog he'd started on Weebly called "Aftermath" to document his sudden paranoramal scares.

Series Division

The series is divided by semester. Its First Semester run began on September 4th, 2016 and ended on December 8th, 2016. It resumed with the Second Semester on February 4th, 2017.

The series officially ended on May 12, 2017.

A continuation to the series under the title "Aftermath" began on May 24, 2018. It is not to be considered as part of the original null_jordan series but is a different series that continues the story.



The glitched image... with a refracted look to it, don't you think?

  • The glitch on Journal Entry 33's illustration was legitimate. No editing was done to the picture. The file was corrupted and wouldn't upload to Stash, so a screenshot of the glitched image was taken instead. A chance Easter Egg that contributed to the series most marvelously.


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