Quote1 Take solace in the rain, my children. It only means I'm near. Quote2

- Slender Man on the EverymanHYBRID Twitter.

Slender Man
Name Slender Man
Aliases Slender Man, Stick-In-The-Mud, Gorr'Rylaehotep, The Administrator, The Keeper, Mr. Slim, The Tall Man, Der Großmann, The Monster, X, A Faceless King, Der Chirurg, The Father, The Ajax Monster, The Giant, The Host, The Tall Fucker, The Devil etc.
Gender Unknown (Most likely male)
Eyes None
Hair Bald
Skin White
Residence Varies
Alignment Varies
Status Alive
First Appearance Something Awful Forums Thread
The Slender Man is the paranormal figure that the Slender Man Mythos is centered around. Der Großmann and the Windigo are just a few examples of local explanations for this creature's existance, which has been reported back hundreds of years on every single inhabited continent. 


The Slender Man is abnormally tall, with reports ranging from six to nine feet. Coming along with that is the description of being very thin, or stretching its arms and legs in such a way that makes it impossible for it to simply be a prankster in a suit. Some even admit having seen the body proportions change right before their eyes, though this type of account is extraordinarily rare. There are also tentacles or tendrils associated with the appearance of the Slender Man, which also vary from being very small to long enough to support the being's body. 

It often wears a black suit which fits its slender limbs, and a white shirt underneath, with a few stories varying the appearance from having scarves or even hats. It is unknown if the creature's appearance is based on the time period, the fashion of human beings, or simply personal choice. One thing that does change is the color or make of its tie; switching from simple black and red to more complex patterns. 

The face of the creature also has been the subject of contradictory accounts. It has been seen as pale, skin colored, white, or even the texture of wood. The face also carries little to no facial features, either having a smooth head or vague eye sockets and a nose. The head itself can also be smooth or more humanoid depending on the stories. 


The Slender Man never behaves in the same way. It has been seen to be malicious and aggressive towards people, and it has been been shown to stalk its victims until they succumb to slendersickness. Most strangely, the creature has a fascination with young children and young adults. Many children go missing during encounters with the creature, usually to never show up again.

Even more horrific are the reports of bodies being found mutilated, or impaled on tree branches with their organs inside plastic bags such as in EverymanHYBRID. It can also ensare people with its tentacles, thrashing them around violently.


The Slender Man spreads like a virus, or a tulpa. The more people that know of its existance, the worse and more common its appearance becomes. Many experience nightmares, psychological damage/messages, or feel overpowered and controlled by the creature's presence. This is one of the many explanations for a Proxy.

Powers & Abilities

  • Apportation - Slender Man has appeared to teleport objects other than itself through space.
  • Pain reduction / Prolonging death - It is noted in the CANYOUSEETHEWORDS entry JOHNNY BOY that he has the ability to signifigcantly reduce pain within some of his victims. Johnny mentions that the Slender Man is the reason he was still alive and able to type despite HABIT's torture. "His stare is almost soothing, like morphine."-Johnny
  • Shapeshifting - Slender Man's size, and sometimes its shape, has changed from one appearance to the next, changing so radically as to sometimes appear to be tentacled.
  • Technopathy - It is implied that Slender Man is able to control electronic devices with just its mind, and this ability, if extant, is most likely the reason why its appearances interfere with video and audio equipment.
  • Telekinesis - Slender Man possibly posseses the ability to move objects with his mind, it appears to have done so in Episode 6 - Healthy Eating of EverymanHYBRID.
  • Telepathy - The presence of Slender Man has had several, usually unpleasant, effects on the minds of those to whom it manifests, inculding: altering sense and perception of their environment; influencing personalities; adding and removing memories; remaining unobserved even in plain sight directly in front of witnesses, causing images and writing to remain unobservable to victims even after they are directly presented with proof; and apparent fore-knowledge of witness' actions and thoughts.
  • Teleportation - Slender Man has shown to teleport out of sight many times, and move from one side of a scene to the other, apparently without moving through the intervening space.
  • Temporal manipulation - The passage of time itself has, to all appearances, become fluid and variable in some of Slender Man's most disturbing maninfestations.