NOTE: If you have these symptoms, instead of yapping about it to us and freaking out, see a doctor. Many of these symptoms apply to non-Slender Man related illnesses, and exposures to certain chemicals, some of which are serious. If you really have these symptoms, seek medical help.

We are not Doctors, we cannot help you or diagnose you.

On another note, if you are a hypochondriac , we would not recommend reading this, but you may do so if you think you can handle reading the article without suffering from increased anxiety, or jumping to the conclusion that you have it.

Slendersickness is a mental and physical condition bought on by exposure to the Slender Man, with symptoms becoming more serious as exposure increases.


The theorized order of illness is as follows:


  • Nose bleeds with fever like the common cold, mild amnesia

First Encounter:

  • Nose bleeds, exhaustion, nausea, strong cough, vomiting, amnesia, slight signs of radiation poisoning, aches and pains, slight trauma of the eyes (i.e. blood shot, vesial popping etc...), deja vu is commonly seen at this point.

More than five (5) sightings:

  • Coughing up blood, blood in vomit, many signs of radiation exposure, painful breathing, difficulty in swallowing, violent convulsions and major amnesia.