Stalkerofthewoods is an series focusing on a teenager who begins encountering the Slender Man and a proxy. It is set in the Blue Mountains of Australia.[1] The series has a companion channel, called 'heShALLhAVeYOu', which is owned by the proxy in the series. It has uploaded two videos, both of which contain content threatening to the protagonist.[2]


The series focuses on an as-of-yet unamed teenage boy. The first entry, uploaded on the 4th of May 2013 shows him finding a note with a crude drawing of the Slender Man with the caption 'The Stalker Of The Woods'. The boy then turns around, drops the camera, and the video abruptly stops. the description for the video explains that he has no memory of the events, meaning that someone else was using the camera, or that he somehow forgot about the incident. The second entry, uploaded on the 1st of June 2013, shows the boy playing a video game, with the Slender Man standing outside a window directly behind him, while the boy is oblivious to his presence. The next entry, from the 4th of August 2013, shows him finding a message drawn on his bedroom wall. The description states that he found the drawing behind a poster while cleaning his room. The drawing is of the Slender Man and trees near a trail, with text ordering him to go there. The

The Proxy that appears in Stalkerofthewoods.

following entry, uploaded on the same day, shows the boy walking in a location similar to the place in the drawing, which is later stated to be Glenbrook Lagoon. The boy is suddenly attacked by a figure, most likely a proxy, in a mask and wielding a wrecking bar. The film cuts out as the figure swings the wrecking bar.

The fifth entry, uploaded on the 14 of December 2013, opens with text stating that, after the events of the last entry, the boy had fallen into depression and suffered anxiety problems. He had also started receiving threatening phonecalls, with the most recent threatening to kill his family if he didn't go back to the Lagoon. The video starts proper with the boy entering the Lagoon, and he is soon being chased by the Slender Man. After heavy static and a period without any sound or image, the boy eventually escapes.


Unnamed Teenage Boy

360px-Glenbrook Lagoon 2

The Slender Man as he appears in Stalkerofthewoods

The main character of the series. The Slender Man began stalking him sometime around May or June 2013. Not much is known about him.

The Slender Man

This supernatural being is an antagonist and driving force of the series.

Unnamed Proxy


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