Quote1 Spending the second half of my life making up for the first half. Quote2

- Evan "Stan" Frederick

Evan "Stan" Frederick
Stan Frederick
Name Evan "Stan" Frederick
Aliases Evan, Stan
Gender Male
Born 1997
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skin White
Relatives Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Eric Frederick (Brother, Deceased)

Susan (Wife)

Connor (Brother-in-law, Deceased)

David (Father-in-law)

Julia (Mother-in-law)

Residence Maine
Alignment Good
Status Ascended
Cause Of Death Gunshot to the head
First Appearance 1. Reaching Someone
Latest Appearance 40. Amendments
Evan "Stan" Frederick is the main character of Stan Frederick.


Behind the Scenes

Stan started his journey in 2012, he made a YouTube channel called StanFrederickBTS were he would upload Behind the Scenes footage for his upcoming short film. Not soon after Stan started getting stalked by Slender Man, and someone named WeMustCollect whom wanted Loretta, a girl Stan was babysitting. After back and forths between Stan and WeMustCollect and attacks by Slender Man through the span of months, it was eventually revealed that Stan was working with WeMustCollect all along. In fact, Stan was a part of WeMustCollect, a group consisting of him, Susan who was his girlfriend, and Connor, her brother. Slender Man had corrupted them into thinking the only way to survive would be to give it children. Stan gave Slender Man Loretta along with his friends from the film he was making.

Eventually Stan and Connor had a falling out, with Stan not wanting to give Slender Man children anymore. Connor then kidnapped Susan which led to a showdown between Stan, the Rake, Connor, Slender Man, and Idolon, who was a corruptelam of Stan's deceased brother, Erik. In the end, Connor was killed by the Rake, Idolon gave himself up to Slender Man, and Stan along with Susan were free from Slender Man's grasp.

Friendly Neighborhood Paranormal Investigator

After three years of silence Stan came back on YouTube and Twitter, he had become a paranormal investigator. Stan traveled the US, aiding those who are currently or were once harassed by the Slender Man and other monsters. He was doing this as a way to redeem himself of the grave mistakes he made in the past. Stan uploaded videos of him doing said paranormal investigating as well as documenting his own descent back into the darkness that haunted him.

Connor, thought to be dead returned as a monster to exact revenge against Stan, even going so far as to murder Stan's friend and therapist, Serena White. This caused Stan to quit for a while but later returned, this time Susan helping Stan as well. After some quietness from Connor's end, he recruited Oscar, someone who was sceptical of the paranormal and had pranked Stan with dressing up as Slender Man. Connor had threatened Oscar to kill him if he did not comply. Connor later was responsible for one of Stan's clients' deaths. Willow, a little girl who was haunted by Seed Eaters who managed to get what they wanted. Willow's death caused Stan to go into a deep depression.

Stan struck a deal with the Slender Man: If it helped Stan kill Connor, Slender Man was free to take Stan. The plan worked and Stan killed Connor with a single gunshot. However, Stan had no intention of keeping his word to Slender Man. Stan killed himself but managed to come back as a corruptelam, he came back as a grown up Erik and would continue to help others.

On November 11th, 2017 at exactly 11:59pm, he sent a Twtter DM to Noah Maxwell from Tribe Twelve, "hbd." (Happy Birthday). Noah posted an image of the DM with the caption, "UGH," with Stan soon replying, "Wait, didn't that guy die or something?"

On November 13th, 2017, Stan posted to his Twitter, stating that he was, "not all the way dead." He suggested deleting the account, but listed a poll the favor of which went to keeping the Twitter page up in case there are any future updates.


  • Stan's real name is Evan. Evan is also the name of the person who plays Stan.
  • Stan has the most crossovers of all Slenderseries, of which include TheAbbeyDiaries, TribeTwelve, MLAnderson, and TheHLFFilms to name a few.
  • Stan is one of the three entities of the WeMustCollect trio, the other two being Susan and Connor.