Quote1 Spending the second half of my life making up for the first half. Quote2

- Evan "Stan" Frederick

Evan "Stan" Frederick
Stan Frederick
Name Evan "Stan" Frederick
Aliases Evan, Stan
Gender Male
Born 1997
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Skin White
Relatives Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Eric Frederick (Brother, Deceased)

Susan (Wife)

Connor (Brother-in-law, Deceased)

David (Father-in-law)

Julia (Mother-in-law)

Residence Maine
Alignment Good
Status Alive
First Appearance 1. Reaching Someone
Latest Appearance 40. Amendments
Evan "Stan" Frederick is the main character of Stan Frederick.


To be added.


  • Stan's real name is Evan, Evan is also the name of the person who plays Stan.

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