Quote1 We are cryptic creatures by nature, pacified by his dark force, puppets meant to manipulate your world through mortal vessels. Quote2

- Firebrand in the video "DEATHTRAPEXODUS".

The Collective is a mysterious group of entities who manipulate the world through mortal vessels. Each member has been converted into a powerful being by Slender Man, but exists as its servant, pacified and controlled like a puppet by a puppeteer.

Known Members

  • Administrator: Also known as the Slender Man, he is the leader of The Collective.
  • Observer: The person wearing glasses, he is the most well-known member, his vessel was confirmed to be Kevin Haas.
  • Deadhead: The person wearing a skull mask and a hoodie. Most likely followed Sebastian and is possibly following Karl Maxwell.
  • Cursor: The only known female member, she has what appears to be duck tape on her eyes which make two X-es. Her vessel was confirmed to be Mary Asher.
  • Mr. Scars: Named after the scars on his body, it was revealed in the video "Milo's Tape" that his vessel is Milo Asher.
  • Persolus: Persolus is Latin for "quite alone". It is likely that his vessel is Karl Maxwell.
  • Swain: The person wearing the theater mask. (Adam Rosner confirmed on his OOG Tumblr that his vessel is Sebastian.)[1]
  • Firebrand: The figure with pinhole eyes. In the video "The Live Stream Incident" it is revealed that Firebrand is Noah Maxwell from an alternate timeline.


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