The November Project is a Slendervlog that started in December of 2015. Originally it began on both YouTube and Facebook but has now moved onto Twitter as well.


The story begins with Grayson Callum, an aspiring college filmmaker, detailing an event that happened to him the previous year. In late November 2014 Grayson was abducted from his home in Arizona and was missing for four months. When he returned he had no memory of where he had been or what happened to him. After the police drop the case Grayson is still haunted by what happened. Along with the help of his friend Jared, Grayson begins to investigate the matter himself uncovering a far greater and darker mystery rooted in his childhood.


Season 1

After Grayson Callum is abducted from his home he goes missing for four months without a trace. When he returns he is left with no memory of what happened to him or where he was during those four months. He tries to put the whole affair behind him but is unable to when strange dreams begin to plague him almost every night. After the police drop the case entirely and refuse to pursue it any further, Grayson decides he will find the truth himself. He enlists the help of his closest friend Jared, whom jumps at the idea of solving a mystery with much enthusiasm. Jared suggests they keep video records of the investigation as well as a Facebook page and begins calling it The November Project.

Grayson posts the first video entry that shows the day he was abducted. Along with Jared and another friend named Michael the three go out into the middle of nowhere to do some target shooting. The video does not have anything strange to it until the end. Grayson having just gotten the camera was still unfamiliar with it and was unaware it was recording later that day at his house. Placing it on his dresser he hears the door bell ring and goes to answer the door. The voices of an unknown person and Grayson can be heard talking about a missing dog. Soon after a disturbance is heard and Grayson comes running back into the room and grabs his phone. Three unidentified men come in behind him and tackle him to the ground and subdue him. Placing a bag over his head the men carry him out of the room. The camera remains on and cuts out to a message from Grayson stating camera recorded until he assumed the battery died.

Starting their investigation the two can't seem to find much but almost as soon as they publicly announce they are doing this and post the that first video entry, a mysterious Hacker begins to mess with Grayson's Facebook profile, posting strange and sometimes ominous messages. Grayson at first pays little attention to it believing it is just someone trying to have fun at his expense. However through several Facebook posts he tells that he has been feeling exceptionally paranoid and has began filming almost 24/7. His fears are proven correct shown in the second video entry titled "Intruder". Grayson is alone at home, when he steps out of the room and into the bathroom the video and audio becomes distorted as a man in a black suit and red tie wearing a fedora hat walks out of the dark room across the hall, stops a moment looking through the cracked bathroom door and then walks down the hall off camera. His face distorted the entire time he is seen on camera. The video cuts out and cuts back in, almost a full ten minutes later on the time stamp. Grayson tells that he only remembers being in the bathroom for a maximum of a minute and that somehow he lost ten minutes.

About a week after Grayson posted the second video entry the Hacker leaves another message on his facebook. "Look Deeper". Still unsure about what the strange messages mean Grayson ignores them. Another week passes and a third video entry is uploaded. Titled "Encounter". Grayson has spent a lot of time away from the house since the second video entry. Jared and him spend time out in town. Jared tells Grayson that his cousin named Jason had looked at the footage of entry 2 and had a few theories of what could possibly cause the distortion and had offered to help with the investigation. Grayson is happy to hear this and the two plan to meet up with Jason at a later date. The two go to eat and then later that night making their way to the park. Grayson just wants to relax and have some fresh air, being on edge all the time is beginning to make him exhausted. Jared tells him he is worried about him. Grayson then sees someone standing under a tree staring at them. He brings Jared's attention to it and the person begins to walk away. Jared immediately begins to chase the person who runs off into the park. Grayson tires to go after the two but ends up losing sight of them. After a while of searching Grayson can't find Jared or the person that was watching them. He makes his way back to where they were sitting but hears something in the distance. He goes to investigate only to find a swing rocking back and forth on its own. He is suddenly overcome by a coughing fit and the video and audio distort. He drops the camera and falls down coughing. Another man wearing a black suit and red tie with the same fedora hat is seen watching him. The camera cuts and distorts as the man in the suit walks over to Grayson. The video goes white and cuts out. When it returns the time stamp shows several hours have passed and Grayson is sitting inside his car unconscious. In the distance Jared is seen approaching the car. He wakes Grayson up. Jared asks where he has been and that he has been looking for him for hours. Grayson says he can't remember what happened. One moment he was looking for Jared and the next he was waking up in the car. Jared tells him that he lost the person he was chasing and the two decide to leave the park.

Several weeks pass and the Hacker posts again saying, "See you soon". Grayson is immediately disturbed by this and talks about installing a security system and purchasing a gun to defend himself believing that Hacker is making a threat. A viewer of the project facebook page begins to share Grayson's posts and makes it clear that she thinks he is acting crazy and does not quite believe his story, thinking he is staging the whole thing. The Hacker responds to this mocking Gray, posting, "Oh my fur and whiskers! The Rabbit is shunned. Nowhere to run." The Hacker then posts a video to their Youtube channel depicting a white rabbit running around in the grass. A message in the video stating that Grayson went down "the rabbit hole" Telling him to "Return". The video shows an owl watching and briefly in its eyes flash the words "see you". All the while a white mask is seen in the video then the words "tick tock rabbit". Grayson feeling scared for his life then talks about installing more cameras to catch anything happening around his house, there is no indication of whether or not he does though. He makes a few more updates here and there about how everything has gone quiet and that there is not much to report. He is still paranoid that something will happen at any moment and has not left the house much at all. He talks about the plan to meet up and talk to Jared's cousin Jason about everything that has happened, he reveals Jason is in fact a private investigator and is willing to help them extensively with everything that has been going on. Grayson mentions that he has not been in the best of health, experiencing severe dehydration and having to go to a doctor. But beyond that he was fine. He tells that he is beginning to think the whole thing has blown over having not experienced anything for several weeks. He promises an update soon on the meeting with Jason. This is his last post.

After a month Jared makes a post on Grayson's profile saying that he has spent a week trying to crack into Grayson's accounts. He tells that Grayson has gone missing again. They were supposed to meet up with Jason but Grayson never showed up. Jared tried calling him several times but he never answered and then finally his phone was disconnected. He went to Gray's house and found that he had not been there in quite some time. Jared finds Gray's camera without its memory card and a notebook under it. Inside the notebook are strange symbols and nonsensical writing. One page is written "I Remember". Jared thinks he is talking about his fours months he was missing. Jared details that the last page in the notebook has a strange symbol drawn on it and a single word written, "ARK".

Jared then sets out to find out where Gray has gone. Jared finally is able to gain access to the Youtube channel and finds a private video that Gray uploaded titled "Virus". The video is dated during the month Gray was not talking to anyone. The video shows Gray watching videos from EverymanHybrid, DarkHarvest00, TribeTwelve and even Marble Hornets. All the while he is writing in the notebook Jared found. (This is the first and so far the only reference to any of the other Slenderverse Vlogs. No official confirmed connections have been made)

Grayson near the end of the video begins rambling about how he is not the only one experiencing strange things and that he believes it is an actual virus that has infected him and others. Through the video audio and video distortions occur and the video jumps around the time stamp showing varying times. In one brief part Slender Man can be seen in the background watching Gray as he viciously scribbles in the notebook. Another moment in the video Gray talks about how he has been lied to everyone saying that nothing has been happening and that he is fine. He states that it is what he does. "That's what I do, I lie." He ignores text messages that he says are coming from Jared. He soon begins having a coughing fit as the video distorts and cuts out. It cuts back in only minutes later and Gray seems delirious with blood running from his nose. He looks around completely out of it as the video cuts out. Then a distorted image of Slender Man is seen with the words "See you now" written.

Soon after making the "Virus" video public the Hacker resurfaces, posting a message on Gray's Facebook, "A New Player Enters The Game." Jared makes another video entry updating everyone on whats going on, He talks about the Hacker's post and that he or she has changed things on Gray's profile. Mocking him calling him aliar that lies to his friends and is afraid to accept the truth and even changing the nickname display from "Gray" to "Greed". Jared realizes the Hacker has set his or her eyes on him and promises to keep everyone updated.

After several days of no activity the Hacker posts again, "You Bore Me, Pick Up The Pace Asshole." This message directed at Jared. Two days later the Hacker posts again, "Question for you Player Two. Why Care for Liars?" He also posts a video to the Youtube channel titled "Deceiver" In the video are images of an approaching storm, Lightning is heard and video of Gray watching the storm. Messages written while a distorted Eagles song "Lyin Eyes" plays. The messages directed to Jared. "Hello Player 2. Welcome to The Game. You Are So Loyal. It's Too Adorable. Your Loyalty Is Misplaced. He Has Lied To You. Swindled You. Betrayed You. From The Start. Victim Of Deception. He Is No As He Seems." The final image is of Gray looking out a window and the words appearing on his face, "Can't Trust Him." While the word "Liar" covers his eyes. The final message written says, "The Storm Is Coming." And very briefly the words "Regards -G" are seen in the corner of a black screen. Jared can clearly tell the Hacker is trying to dissuade him from trusting Gray. But Jared does not fall for this.

After a few more days Jared talks about not being able to sleep much and talks about going back to Gray's house to look around some more. Another two days later he receives an email from an unknown source. Inside it is a video file. The video shows Gray inside his car making phone calls to his father and uncle desperately asking for their help. Neither of them answer and he leaves several messages all the while he is struggling to remain calm. He breaks down at the end of the video not having been able to reach either of the men. Jared talks about how he knows nothing about Gray's family because he would never talk about them. All he knows it that his father was a doctor of some kind. Beyond that Jared knows nothing and could not get a hold of any of his family.

Another few days pass and Jared receives an envelope in the mail. It has no address only one of the symbols scribbled in the notebook on it and the word "Regards" written on the back. Inside is a worn note with holes and burn marks all over it and an SD card with a video on it. He watches it and finds the video is of Gray years ago before Jared even met him walking around the Watson Woods near where they live. Not much happens at first but then audio and video distortions are seen as Gray has coughing fits as he flees from something in the woods. He collapses and it is believed that he passes out. A mysterious person is seen coming into view after he collapses as the video cuts out. It cuts back in again and several hours have passed as the sun is now setting and Gray is unconscious in the rocks. He wakes up coughing and looks around. Grabbing the camera he leaves the woods confused and disoriented. He stops a couple and asks for the time. They tell him the time and he continues on. He has been in the woods longer than he knows is possible. After a car trip home he goes into his room and places the camera down. He looks exhausted and out of it. The camera cuts out and cuts back in several more hours later. Gray walks into the room and gets into bed and goes to sleep. The video and audio distorts as Slender Man appears next to Gray's bed watching him. This ends the video. Jared comments that the date of the video takes place only a few days before he first met Gray. He also comments on Slender Man, saying that he is not like the men in suits they had seen before. He begins to believe that something paranormal is indeed happening and admits that he has realized how little he actually knows about his friend.

Jared makes another entry talking about the note he found. It is dated back to 1995 and it is the personal log of a doctor that worked at the Camarillo Mental Hospital in California. Some of the information in it is lost to the burns and holes but what Jared could make out from it was the doctor talking about a patient of his, a four year old boy named Grayson. This young boy was admitted to the hospital because he was experiencing hallucinations of a Giant Faceless Man wearing a black suit. The Doctor's name is unknown as it is burned off of the note. Jared is not sure if it is talking about Grayson Callum or if it is about another Grayson all together, but he doesn't believe it is a coincidence at all. He draws the conclusion that the Giant Faceless Man described in the note is the same man seen in Grayson's room in the last video he received. Jared ends the entry by saying he will be going to Gray's house again to search it for any more clues.

Jared finally manages to get over to Gray's house to look around. He finds a decoder ring in a box and pockets it. During his search he receives a text message from Gray telling him to "Get out now". Jared, spooked by this decides to leave however is met by another man in a suit before he can get out. In this moment Gray emerges from one of the rooms carrying a gun and fires several shots at the man in the suit who disappears leaving no trace of ever being there. Jared confused by all of this asks Gray several questions about what's going on but Gray, obviously unstable does not give answers that make sense at one point getting angry and accusing Jared of taking something he was searching for. (It is still unknown what Gray was looking for) Gray finally notices the camera and gets upset that Jared is recording this and grabs the camera form him breaking it in the process. It is revealed that off screen Gray refers to the men in suits as "Watchers" and continuously tells Jared to stay out of it and then leaves. Jared does not chase after him fearing Gray may shoot him if he did.

Five days later Jared posts another video. He woke up in the middle of nowhere. He didn't recognize any of his surroundings and more strange, the camera that was previously broken by Gray was somehow completely good as new. After walking to the nearest road he crossed a bridge and on the other side was Gray's car, abandoned, drivers side door open with the keys still in it. Jared searches the area but finds no trace of Gray. He decides to take the car. He later finds out he was close to the Utah border. After he got back home he reviewed the footage and found a previous video file dated during the time he could not remember. He was back at Gray's house, at night this time. No one is in the house and the lights aren't working. He searches around until he gets another text message from Gray telling him just like before to get out. As Jared begins to leave he is met by Slender Man peering into the room from the doorway. Jared freaks out and the video cuts out after some distortion. He then says that the next video file was the video of him waking up four days later.

Shortly after this the Hacker posts another video, this one more angry than previous ones. The Hacker tells Jared that he needs to pick up the pace and play the game or else the protection he has been given will cease. In the video a code is given. It is shortly discovered that this Hacker, Mr. G. goes by the name "Greed". And Jared has several back and forth conversations with Greed on Twitter and is patronized heavily by him. It is also brought to his attention there is another unlisted video on the YouTube channel, the link to it hidden in the Warning video posted by Greed. This video titled "ARK". (A clear reference to other Slenderverse shows) This video is of Gray aimlessly wandering around what looks to be empty places around town. The video's saturation and audio is different indicating this could be a different realm of sorts. Gray chases an unknown person who disappears. He finds a plain white mask and touches it. The video and audio distort heavily and Gray is in a different location. Next to a shipping center that is completely devoid of people. He wanders for a bit and finds the same mask again. He touches it and then suddenly is in a place with no light. The only light that illuminates his face is from the LCD screen of the camera. He is obviously confused and scared, stating that he has no idea where he is and that he cannot see anything. Finally he gets startled by something and says he doesn't think he is alone, as the white mask moves into view from behind him an obvious person wearing it now. The video cuts out.

Jared spends the next weeks trying to figure out the code in the video with the help of a few subscribers to the YouTube channel. After getting nowhere he gives the code to Jason his cousin who tells him he believes it to be a Caesar Shift code, but that he can't decipher it without a key. During this time Jared discovers why Greed was so upset with him and finds the code hidden in the envelope he received with the Doctor's note and the video. Jared feeling upset with himself at not seeing this sooner works endlessly to decipher the code. In this time another video is uploaded. This time by Gray. It is unclear where he is at the time of making this video but it is clear that he is badly injured with blood gushing down his head. In this video he tells Jared again to stop investigating and to forget about him. He warns him that Greed is not to ever be trusted and that he needs to not indulge him anymore. Finally he apologizes for dragging him into the whole affair and says goodbye. But Jared doesn't quit.

Finally he figures it out and it is revealed to be GPS coordinates. Jared filled with drive follows up on them but is not heard from again for another several days. A video is uploaded that is very different from previous ones. Titled ".darkbridge" It starts with Jared following up on visiting a girl named Olivia who knew Gray in High School. Jared hopes she can maybe shed some light on what kind of person Gray was and if she knew anything about what was going on. She reveals that she has been watching the Youtube channel and then talks briefly about how he was in school. She tells Jared that Gray was on anti-psychotic medication back then and this does not sit well with Jared who is already having trust issues with him. The video then distorts and cuts ahead to Jared in the park from Entry# 3 searching for Olivia. It is still unclear what happened between the two moments. During this sequence the video cuts several times to show Jared and Gray at the park during the day, as there is no time stamp it is unclear as to when this takes place. During these moments contradiction of facts are presented. Gray is a writer instead of a film student, Jared is now a film student planning a project while Gray is writing a novel and more strange is they refer to each other by different names. Jared is now "Riley" and Gray is now "Jim". The video cuts between Jared running around the park being chased by Watchers and the video of the two discussing Gray's or rather now "Jim's" novel. The novel called "Dark Bridge", about a young man who is abducted from his home and missing for four months comes home with no memory of his missing time and begins an investigation with his friend. "Jim" describes all of the events depicted in the video entries up to this point. The video cuts back to Jared finally shaking the Watchers and attempting to cross a bridge that will take him to safety, however the bridge is no longer a complete bridge. Jared's confusion indicating this is not how the bridge was prior to this moment. He is then cornered by two Watchers on either side of him and they presumably capture him as the video cuts out. The final clip of this video shows "Jim" and "Riley" emerging from the trees of the park as "Riley" asks what the characters names are in the novel, to which "Jim" responds, "Their names are Jared and Grayson." This is the end of the video. (It is still unclear what kind of continuity this has but is heavily implied this was an alternate reality)

Jared and Grayson have not been heard from since this video was posted. And another video posted three days later from another source, a YouTube Channel called "The Traveler" titled ".totheawakened." This video is just of some sort of computer program in which this new person "TravelerOne" talks to another called "Grove Actual". They talk of Grayson and Jared as subjects and it is implied these two are monitoring them. Having complete files on the two even. And that this person Grove Actual is keeping secrets from him and the other Travelers. Implying multiple people with the codname Traveler. While TravelerOne goes through pages of this site he passes pages detailing different entities, among the listed are "Faceless Man" believed to be Slender Man, "The Watchers", Greed, HABIT, (Another reference to EverymanHybrid) as well as other Creepypasta entities such as Jeff The Killer, BEN and even Laughing Jack. (While these are clearly shown as entities that exist in this universe it is unclear how much influence they have in this story) The Traveler tells from his own Twitter account that he hacked into TheNovemberProject channel and uploaded the last two videos as an act of rebellion against whatever group he works for and says he will not let Gray and Jared go this alone. (It is unclear what his actual motives are at this time)

The November Project is still an ongoing series.


Grayson "Gray" Callum

Gray is one of the two main characters in The November Project. He was an aspiring filmmaker living in Arizona. His whole life there changed when he was abducted by three mysterious men. He went missing for four months and when he returned had no memory of what happened or where he was. Haunted by the event and unable to escape his strange dreams he enlists the help of his friend Jared to investigate what happened. Through the show so far it is revealed that what is going on is rooted in Gray's childhood and that he may not in fact be telling the entire truth about what he knows.

Jared Summers

Jared is the second of the two main characters and one of Gray's closest friends. Not a lot is known about Jared yet except that he was helping Gray with his investigation. Jared takes over the investigation when Gray goes missing a second time. He has shown to be a more calm and collected person while dealing with the strange events and that he cares a lot about the well being of Gray even though he admits to not really knowing much about his life.

Olivia Mills

Olivia is an old High School friend of Grayson.


Greed is the Hacker that has been wreaking havoc on both Jared and Grayson since the show started. It is unclear what his real motives are however it is believed they are very malicious in intent. Greed also seems to be very closely connected to Grayson knowing a lot about him. He has not yet appeared on screen. But is very active on Twitter.


Nothing is known about this person yet. Just that he knows a lot about what is going on and has said he wishes to help.


Michael is seen in the first entry as a friend to both Gray and Jared. Nothing more is known about him so far.


Jason is mentioned to be Jared's cousin and a private investigator that helps in the investigation. He has not appeared in any entries only ever mentioned.