Quote1 We've got some kind of a problem, because that thing is dangerous! Quote2

- Evan Jennings to Alex Koval about The Rake.

The Rake
The Rake
Name The Rake
Aliases The Feral Other, The White Beast, The Servant, The Speaker (same alias as his ruling disciple Sean)
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair None
Skin Gray/White
Residence Varies
Alignment Varies
Status Alive
First Appearance 4 Chan /b/ Board
The Rake is another paranormal figure that the Slender Man Mythos is centered around.


It is described by original reports as a "naked man, or large hairless dog of some sort," with a body position that seemed "unnatural, as if it had been hit by a car or something." 


The Rake's behavior changes depending on the series. It can be aggressive and feral like in EverymanHYBRID. Or it can be calm, smart and able to speak like in Stan Frederick.



  • The Rake Real
    The infamous Rake image is actually Grim from the game Resistance 3 by Insomniac GamesInsomniac Games made a viral marketing campaign and posted that picture of Grim, Since him and The Rake looked alike people thought he was The Rake.