Threedaysto0 is a Slenderverse series and blog created on 18 June 2015.


Being launched around August 2015, two students, Vincent Anderson and Jason Manson, began a project which tests the physical and mental changes the human brain may endure if secluded in the woods for a long period of time (a 'three day trail'), away from society by any means. Originally, the context of the series' beginning was pre-recorded and ready to be uploaded to it's own YouTube channel, owned and shared by Vincent and Jason, before, from what the co-producer (Vincent) claims, they were unknowingly corrupted and deleted from his computer's folder files. So with no other choice the original Entries were posted on a Blogger account, also shared by Vincent and Jason, recapping the purpose and procedures the project was planned to undergo through. Overall progress was made, data extracted and analyzed that "Day One" was finished in less than 5 Entries. Except, accounting the elephant-in-the-room, Jason seemed to be absent throughout all Entries, with no reasons or leads as to why. In addition, odd activity begins to brew on Vincent's end, involving the sudden appearances of un-welcomed entities, causing him to put the project "on hold" (before abandoning it altogether, shortly) and find out what's going on. Find out the actual truth. What it has to do with him, and his family? The disappearance of Jason? Or a "Sanguis Lunam"?


Entry # 1: Introduction

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Entry # 2: One step ahead

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Entry # -3: TH3 B3G1NN1NG

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Entry # 3: Day # 1 (Part 1 of 2)

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Entry # 4: Looking back

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Entry # 5: Day # 1 (Part 2 of 2)

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Entry # -6: F0R3C4ST

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Entry # 7: The gift

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Entry # 8: Playback

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Entry # 8.5: Update # 1


Vlog # Unum: preview/my understandings

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ARK/sorry, your call cannot be connected at the moment, please try again

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Entry # 9: Surprise?/Update # 2

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Vincent Anderson

The main protagonist of the series and the main target to all the supernatural beings that suddenly began to sprout about during the project's progression. His psyche is slowly breaking underneath the pressure of all that is weighted on his shoulders as he continues to peruse on what is really going on: To Jason, his father, and himself. What he doesn't know is that he is actually unveiling a buried past of his that consists a familiar "tall man" and a horrific demonic entity, waiting to be revived again.

Jason Manson

Second-hand protagonist, Jason is the prime creator of Threedaysto0 and best friend of Vincent Anderson. With his passion for science, and curiosity to the human psyche, this birthed the beginning of the project for him and Vincent. However, Jason has been showing little-to-no activity throughout every Entry, only being mentioned by Vincent briefly here and there, but overall has made no appearances whatsoever; concerning Vincent. And, to make matters more worrying, his absence brings a supernatural force into play that places Jason as a "captive" in their endless pursuit into completing a mission.

Thomas Anderson

Not much is explained about him yet, but Thomas begun to play 'his role' in his son's conundrum by taking some safe precautions to stay away from "IT", and Vincent. Divorced from his ex-wife, Maria Anderson, Thomas flees from his family and FireStone, breaking away and untying any connections he has with them so he can "stay apart of reality again".


One of the series' antagonists, Negative/"Midnight", described from some Entries as a black silhouette of a man, with a light blue hole caved in his face, is identified as Vincent's stalker and the culprit of the clues and video interruptions, distortions, and corruptions. He is also an acquaintance to the "Longus Homo" by assisting it however he can into making Vincent "remember". Plus, on a surprising note, Negative is also known to have been stalking Thomas Anderson before he left FireStone (from the footage retrieved in Entry # -6).

"Longus Homo"

A common entity known as the Slenderman, who appears as a tall figure with a slim body, "blank" face, multitude of arms, and a black suit and tie. It forces it's presence upon the Anderson family (Vincent and Thomas primarily) in order to fulfill a deal made with someone waiting to be resurrected again. Which it, including Negative and the Slenderman, will then undergo a three day trial known as the "Sanguis Lunam".


(Not yet revealed)


A deformed humanoid monster described with having no arms, deadly, crooked teeth and toenails. It appears to only attack Vincent at any given opportunity and lurk around him alongside Negative. It too seems to be acquainted with the "Longus Homo" on "important matters", but only for temporary timespans.


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